Totem Tribe Gold HD Review

totem-tribe-gold-logoDeveloper: G5 Games
Platform: iOS

Akuru, Chief of the Hawk Tribe must restore order to her tribe after a comet crashed into her homeland. To keep rival tribes and fearsome creatures at bay, Akuru must rebuild her tribe in a real-time strategy style adventure and return
the Sacred Totems to the Cradle of the North.

Totem Tribe Gold is a real-time strategy game by G5 studios. Easy to play with fun quests and puzzles, this game is a great introduction to the RTS genre. Attentive players will collect hidden gems to unlock secret treasure chests while upgrading scouts, troops and support units to help protect the tribe.

totem-tribe-2Cute graphics, fun music and a light-hearted story keep the game moving smoothly. The game was glitch free and the music was entertaining.

My only complaint as someone who enjoys RTS-style gaming is that the game was not quite as complex as I was hoping for , but putting that aside, it’s well worth the download.

The game is also available, in non-HD, on the Google Play store.

Check out the trailer for the game below:

Review code provided by G5 Entertainment.


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