Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Verified Records

nwpinballshowNow that we’ve finally caught up with real life and sleep after attending Northwest Pinball and Arcade show, we have a number of scores set at the show to announce. These will all be added to the scoreboard as time allows, which may take a couple of days. That being said, these are the official scores set at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show June 7-9.

We are still waiting for the final tournament scores to be typed up and sent our way by our officiator handling those that weekend, but we didn’t want to delay getting scores out.

Arcade Titles:

  • Avalanche – New World Record by Lars Bull with 2,769 points
  • Psycho Soldiers – New World Record by Robert Racek with 257,300 points
  • Space Duel – 1-Player Tethered – New World Record by Sam McNear wtih 338,500 points
  • Space Duel – 2-Player – New World Record by Sam McNear and John McAllister with 244,500 points
  • Space Duel – 2-Player Tethered – New World Record by Sam McNear and John McAllister with 248,650 points
  • Quasar – New World Record by Robert Racek 10,450 points

Pinball Titles:

  • 24 – Alex Scott with 125,715,990
  • Avengers – Alex Scott with 145,270,890
  • Metallica Pinball – Factory Default – Elijah Nelson with 55,886,640
  • Transformers – Decepticon – Nighel Colbert with 42,146,710
  • Wizard of Oz – Matt Hall with 154,612
  • X-Men – Morihiro Ryo with 74,463,330

Xbox 360 Titles

Ben S. (last name omitted due to age) set records on four games on the Xbox 360 while at the show. His scores are:

  • 1943 – 36,200 points
  • Mars Pinball – 3,477,930
  • Buccaneer Pinball – 5,791,895
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not Pinball – 5,548,970

Congratulations also go out to Brian Allen who achieved a kill screen on Donkey Kong Junior with over a million points. While not a world record, it is sixth place or so in the rankings, and is worthy of recognition.

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