Gamer of the Month Challenge: Classic Crazy Challenge


Video Game Scoreboard is pleased to announce the first of our “Gamer of the Month” challenges which will earn gamers a free VGS T-Shirt, gamer profile article on our website, Gamer of the Month status for the month and a chance to compete in the 2013 Gamer of the Year competition.

At the beginning of each month, starting with July this year, we will be announcing a series of games on which players will compete.

This year we will only have six players competing for Gamer of the Year, but next year, expect there to be a full 12 players competing.

Each competition will run for 45 days, from the 1st of the month to the 15th of the following month.  While we wanted this to be a monthly competition, we understand that everyone has lives and these competitions take time.  That being said, we will be launching new competitions on the first of each month even though the previous competition does not end till the 15th of that month.

The Gamer of the Year tournament will take place in February through March of 2014 on a list of games that will be announced publicly after the competitors know.

All of that being said, we would like to announce July’s contest:  The Classic Crazy Challenge.

Classic Crazy Challenge Games for Arcade/M.A.M.E./60-in-1 M.A.M.E. Arcade Boards

  • Burger Time
  • Defender
  • Donkey Kong
  • Frogger
  • Nibbler


  1. The Classic Crazy Challenge runs from July 1 to Aug. 15.  July winners will be announced in the second half of August, one all scores are verified and places tallied.
  2. Players must submit recordings and scores for 3 of the 5 games listed above.  Each submission will be given points based upon which place they are at in the competition.  The person with the most points at the end will be named Gamer of the month.
  3. Each game submitted must follow the settings defined in the Game Settings area below.
  4. Players may compete on Arcade, MAME or 60-in-1 MAME Arcade boards or a combination of the 3 to achieve the minimum of 3 scores to submit.  Please be sure to list what system it is done on and be sure to clearly show it as well.  All entries for this contest will be ranked the same, but will be tracked both separately and combined on the scoreboard for cohesive record keeping purposes.
  5. Recording rules must be followed, no matter which platform is submitted.  If playing on a 60-in-1 Board, you must go into the settings screen for each game you are playing and show the settings match the settings listed below under Game Settings.
  6. Players may submit in any of the ways we accept, however, if you are mailing submissions in, please be sure to have them postmarked no later than Aug. 10, 2013, so we can receive them in time for the Aug. 15 deadline.
  7. The Classic Crazy Challenge is this:  Players get one life per game, no matter if the game starts with 3 lives, 5 lives or lives are gained by playing, you are only allowed to play for the first life.  The game ends when that one life ends.  Games for this challenge are required to be played on the respective settings listed in Game Settings below.  The challenge is to see how far you can go, on the settings provided for the games below, with only one life.  You are welcomed to continue recording, just clear out the remaining lives, then start over.
  8. If you submit fewer than 3 games above, your scores will be entered into the database, but not into the contest.
  9. If you submit higher than the 3 games above, we will select 3 of your submitted games that rank highest in the contest structure.
  10. We may announce local events where VGS staff will be in attendance where records can be set, locations and dates to be determined.

The Gamer of the Month will receive:

  1. VGS T-Shirt
  2. Interview for Gamer Profile
  3. Named Gamer of the Month for that Month
  4. Competes at end of year Gamer of the year Tournament

Game Settings:

Burger Time

  • Dip Switch Bank 15D
    Switch 1-6: OFF
    Switch 7: On if upright control panel, Off if cocktail control panel
    Switch 8:  On if upright screen, Off if cocktail screen
  • Dip Switch Bank 14D
    Switch 1-2: OFF
    Switch 3: ON
    Switch 4: OFF
    Switch 5: ON
    Switch 6-8: OFF


Please note, on this game you are required to go into the settings screen to show the settings seen below.

  • Game Settings – Factory Default Settings
  • Bonus Ship Level = 10,000
  • Ships Per Game = 3
  • Free Play = 0
  • Starting Difficulty = 5 Moderate
  • Progressive Wave Difficulty Limit = 15 Moderate

If you are using Green roms, please set starting difficulty to 0 and Progressive wave difficulty to 10.

Donkey Kong

  • Dip Switch Bank 1-8: Off


  • Switch 1: ON
  • Switch 2: OFF
  • Switch 3: On for upright, off for cocktail
  • Switch 4-5: On
  • Switch 6: unused


  • Switch 1-3: OFF
  • Switch 4: OFF if upright, on if cocktail
  • Switch 5: OFF
  • Switch 6-8: OFF

MAME Rules and Settings

You should use wolfmame106 or MAME version 148 to play the games.

You may stream your MAME Games/export streams to YouTube for submission. If you do so, this will be considered a Direct Feed Recording and will require your digital signature on submission forms. When recording a MAME game for submission, please state your name then go into the settings for the game you are playing to show that they are at the required settings. If you are doing multiple games, you must do this for each game.

You may record, with a video camera, your MAME Game for submission. You may upload this video via YouTube or other service and provide links to us. When recording a MAME game for submission, please state your name then go into the settings for the game you are playing to show that they are at the required settings. If you are doing multiple games, you must do this for each game.

The accepted MAME settings for the 5 games in the Classic Crazy Challenge are as listed below:

ROMSet: BTime
Service Mode: Off
Cross Hatch Pattern: Off
Lives: 3
Bonus life: 20000
Enemies: 4
End Of Level Pepper: Yes
Unknown: Off [All]

ROMSet: Defender
Starting ships: 3
Boot up > hold F1 down and press F2 > now you are on ’01 setting’.
Step forward through the 28 settings by holding F1 down and tapping F2.
To change a setting, use the 9 key. When your’re done (or go to this screen for proof of settings), cycle through to setting 28. Set this to 45. Hold down the F1 key and press F2 to get you back to the attract mode, ready to go. These settings will remain until altered or the use of restore setting at #28.

You are allowed to use any and all smart bombs during the first life for this competition.

Donkey Kong
Lives: 3
Bonus Life: 7000
Coinage: 1 Coin/1 Credit
Cabinet: Upright

ROMSet: Frogger
Lives: 3
Cabinet: Upright
Special Rules: None

ROMSet: Nibbler
Lives: 3 [Extra Life after Every 4th Wave]
Pause At Corners: On
Cabinet: Upright
Service Mode: Off
Free Play: Off

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