KickStart This: Week of Aug. 26

kickstarterWelcome to another edition of KickStart This. This marks article number seven in the series for this year. Advanced warning, while the road to hell is paved with a ton of my good intentions, it is my intent to have another article ready to go a week from today. However, as we will be at PAX, it may be on time or it may be late, depending on how swamped I am from PAX.

Moving on… each week I find a surprising number of interesting projects to talk about and then I have to narrow them down to cover for this weeks article. Often times, I select projects that are just started, in their final hours or were something I had not heard of, but was successfully funded.

Before I take a look at the projects to talk about this week, we’ll take a quick look at the KickStarter Projects mentioned in our previous articles to see how they are doing funding wise.

Project Standings as of August 26, 2013

  • DemonWars: Reformation by R.A. Salvatore also has 3 days remaining and has also reached its goal. Currently this project sits at $69,401 of the $50,000 goal. The first three stretch goals have been achieved. This project still has a lot of stretch goals outline for what money will be used for if they get more. They are $599 away from the next stretch goal. So even though the project is completely funded, if you want to make the project better, check out the stretch goals, then donate. The project can be found here:
  • Crash Point by Indie Pup Games has only raised a little more than 10% of it’s $40,000 goal. With 5 days remaining in the project, it could use a little push – though I am unsure it will do much good at this point as they are still at $4,244 of the $40,000 needed. Check it out and see if it’s something you can support:
  • The Devil Walks in Salem by Peter Adkison was funded 109%, achieving $43,730 of the $40,000 needed. Good luck to Hostile Work Environment on the projects they have lined up!
  • Enspira Online is at 17% funded with 11 days remaining. To succeed it needs to raise $18,000. It currently sit at $3,026 of what is needed. Check it out and see if it’s something you want to contribute to:
  • Video Games Live – Level 3 – Game Composers of the World Unite by Tommy Tallarico is at 49% funded, sitting at $121,599 of the $250,000 needed to be funded. This project has 17 days to go. We will be sitting down with Tommy at PAX Prime to interview him about Video Games Live and this project. If you haven’t experienced Video Games Live in person, I strongly suggest you look for the PBS program on it on YouTube. You wont’ be disappointed. After that, check out his project and consider donating to it:

Rage Against Hel by Sean Eike is at $575 of $25,000 needed. He does have 24 days left to go to achieve his funding. Please, check out what he has going for the project, then consider donating. If you can’t afford to donate, but like what he has planned, share the project with others. His project can be found here:

With the conclusion of the projects from previous weeks, we move on to projects for this week, which includes a twisted tale of a snake, a staged funding campaign launched after a Kickstarter project was canceled, an expansion to a game, a gaming convention and a mobile game.

1. Man vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler by Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy

man-vs-snakeThis is another project that I have to add a disclaimer to as I know several of the main people involved in the documentary, most notably Tim McVey and Walter Day. That being said, I may be a little biased in wanting to see this documentary get funded, but at the same time, it is also a Kickstarter Staff Pick, so I can’t be totally wrong in that desire to see it funded.

The documentary focuses on Tim McVey and his goal of achieving the highest score ever on a video game on the classic game, Nibbler., and the other competitors in the industry, including Dwayne Richards and Enrico Zanetti The documentary has been five years in the making and is now in its final stages where it needs funding to complete the project.

The current funding goal is $53,470. Thus far, with 25 days remaining, they have raised $20,022.

Donations start at a minimum of $10 and for that amount you get a thank you tweet and some other minor digital perks. At $25 you get a digital copy of the film.

There are also some really cool pieces of artwork available through donating, drawn by none other than Don Bluth. To get one of those concept art pieces, the donation is a minimum of $350.

Like other projects, there are stretch goals as well. If $78,000 is raised, it will cover animation. if $106,000 is raised, they will have an original soundtrack.

Check the project out. The reward tiers get better with each tier and a lot of unique artwork is available when you donate over a certain amount.

2. Precinct Game through Staged Funding.

precinctSo what is Precinct?

Precinct is a new police adventure video game created by Jim Walls, creator of Police Quest., where you play Officer Maxwell Jones as a rookie and work your way up through the ranks.

What is “Staged Funding”?

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what “Staged Funding” means. According to the press release I received, a good definition was given:

Staged funding allows creators to break up a campaign into multiple funding goals to develop early prototypes and demos by which backers can track the project. With Precinct’s staged funding model, the team hopes to deliver more accountability, communication, efficiency and flexibility than current “all-or-nothing” crowdfunding campaigns:

  • Accountability: Multiple funding stages allow the team to prove their vision and development skills with early builds.
  • Communication: An open-ended campaign will ensure better community-building and long-term communication throughout development.
  • Efficiency: Expensive “rewards” have been separated from the campaign to guarantee that 100 percent of funding goes towards development.
  • Flexibility: Backers can pledge any amount at any time to receive early builds and a digital copy of the full game upon completion.

Okay. That makes sense. Have several goals, broken down by goal points and what they can achieve if they reach their funding. Similar to what IndieGoGo does with the flexible funding campaign, but without the charges and fees associated with it.

What are the funding stages?

There are four funding stages:
$25,000 provides a proof of concept.
$90,000 will allow for a more indepth example to be produced without having to create as much backend for it.
$250,000 will allow for a game demo to be produced.
$400,000 will allow for the full game to be produced.

The funding currently sits at $11,956 with more than 400 supporters.

To pledge towards the Precinct project visit: Interact with Jim Walls directly at and follow Precinct on Twitter @PrecinctGame using the hashtag #precinctgame.

3. Awesomenauts: Starstorm

Awesomenauts-starstormI was alerted to this Kickstarter by Awesomenauts PR manager, Jasper Koning. I have Awesomenauts, but haven’t played it a whole lot, but what I have played, i enjoyed. So when I saw they were doing an expansion via Kickstarter, I thought I’d take a look.

Launched Aug. 19, with 23 days to go, the project has already met and exceeded its goal of $125,000 and currently sits at $136,636 in funds raised.

The expansion promises to release new characters, new features and a new place to do battle. All new characters will be available on the PS4 expansion when the game releases.

The project has stretch goals as well, with the first stretch goal unlocking at $200,000 and the last stretch goal unlocking at $630,000 with at least half a dozen intermediary stretch goals between.

Minimum donation is $5 and gives you a bunch of digital wallpapers. A $15 donation gets you the DLC for the game through Steam as well as a game key for Awesomenauts on Steam – if you don’t own Awesomenauts already, this is a great way to get the base game and the expansion. Donation tiers increase in prizes as you go, maxing out at the $10,000 tier level.

While the game has reached it’s goal, it is still a little more than $60,000 from its first stretch goal and it would be great to see it go further than that. Check out the project below:

If you don’t own Awesomenauts, or are not familiar with the game itself, check it out here:

4. Grassroots Gaming Expo

20130720084524-GGE_2013_LOGO_copyThe third annual Grassroots Gaming Expo is once again seeking funds to fund the project in the Video Game Capital of the World, Ottumwa, Iowa. Organized by Elizabeth Bolinger, her husband Josh, and others from the local gaming community, Grassroots Gaming Expo replaces a previous event held in 2010.

This is a flexible funding campaign, meaning the group gets the funds whether or not they meet or exceed their goals – so every donation counts. You can purchase advance tickets, gamer packages and vendor packages through the IndieGoGo Campaign.

Check them out and if it’s something you think you can support, consider donating through their project page here:–2

5. Edo Superstar by Jed Henry

edo-superstarEdo Superstar is a game for iOS, Android, Mac and PC Platforms described as “a fighting RPG with a gorgeous Japanese style!”

What’s surprising about this Kickstarter is that it doesn’t matter what your donation tier is, every backer is guaranteed a copy of the game – which means the minimum donation level is $10. So at $10, not only do you receive a copy of the game, but also a PDF copy of the Art Book/Strategy guide. The prizes go on up from there, some even including Woodblock art, original artwork and more.

Launched on Aug. 6, the project has raised $28,286 of its $60,000 goal. With 9 days remaining, it seems like it may need some boost from fighting game fans and fans of Japanese art. The project page shows a lot of the unique artwork that will be available in the game. I strongly suggest checking it out and perhaps even contributing to get some of the artwork if you aren’t interested in the game.

The project can be found here:

This concludes this week’s KickStart This. Check out the previous editions below:

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