KickStart This: Sept. 16, 2013 Edition

kickstarterWelcome to another edition of KickStart This. This marks article number nine in the series for this year. Since the Article for the week of Sept. 2 came out so late, we decided to skip the Week of Sept. 9 and just move forward with the article for the Week of Sept. 16.

Before I take a look at the projects to talk about this week, let’s take a quick look at the KickStarter Projects mentioned in our previous articles to see how they are doing funding wise.

Project Standings as of Sept 14, 2013

  • Enspira Online raised $15,341 of its $18,000 goal. The funding period ended Sept. 7. Good luck to Kirk Black in his future endeavors – perhaps he’ll re-launch the project with lower goals.
  • Video Games Live – Level 3 – Game Composers of the World Unite by Tommy Tallarico was 114% funded, raising $285,081 of the $250,000 needed to be funded. Congratulations to Tommy and his team on the success of this project. If you haven’t checked out our interview with Tommy Tallarico from PAX Prime, check it out here.
  • Rage Against Hel by Sean Eike is at $1,282 of $25,000 needed. He has 4 days left to go to achieve his funding. Please, check out what he has going for the project, then consider donating. If you can’t afford to donate, but like what he has planned, share the project with others. His project can be found here: Remember, this is a Flexible Funding project, so he receives whatever funds he raises for the project, even if he doesn’t achieve the goal.
  • man-vs-snakeMan vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler by Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy has 6 days left to go and only needs a little less than $1,000 to reach their funding goal of $52,310. Tim McVey, Walter Day and many others that I know in the gaming industry are in this film. Check out the project and consider donating: If it reaches its funding goals, still consider donating as they do have stretch goals to help further the project along.
  • Precinct Game through Staged Funding. Funding for this project continues and is at $11,961. They still need to raise a little more than $13,000 to achieve their first stage of funding. Check the project out here: Note: This project has not raised any money since our last report on it.
  • Awesomenauts: Starstorm has already exceeded their initial goal of $125,00 and are currently sitting at $267,009. Another $3,000 in donations will unlock another stretch goal level which will unlock custom games. This project has 3 days remaining to achieve further stretch goals.
  • Tabletop Connect: 3D Virtual Tabletop for Windows and Mac by Carl Pinder has exceeded its funding goal of $22,500 with 7 days to go. If another $2,000 is raised, the first stretch goal will be unlocked. This is a really neat idea and I hope to see it come to fruition – I would have fun playing games with friends across the U.S. Check it out here:
  • Case for Humanity by Greg Spence is 2409% funded. That’s right. The project only sought $1,000 in funding and has raised $24,089 and has three days to go. Do you like card games? Do you like Cards Against Humanity? If so, you might want to look into this to get your case before the Kickstarter finishes:
  • Tetrapulse by David Laskey is sitting at a little more than half funded, with $7,591 of the $15,000 to be successfully funded. With 10 days remaining, he may reach it, but could still use the push. If you are interested in the game, check it out here:
  • Starcraft Universe by Upheaval Arts was successfully funded as of Sept. 10, raising $4,918 more than their goal of $80,000. Check out the project for more information if you are a fan of Starcraft:

Now to look at projects that we found interesting for this week.

the-bounty-logo1. The Bounty by David Vogt and Gaming World Wide.

As with most projects that are started by people who I consider friends, I must disclose that David is a friend and a business associate before I promote his project – an upcoming video game that he is working to create.

The bounty is described, by David, as “a unique, retro styled, high score based RPG. A roguelike with a classic arcade edge. It’s meant to challenge the player, and inspire them to push their limits further. You start your game, and delve into the dungeon; everything you do rewards you with points. But there are no shops, no inns, no safehouses. Once you die, you die. You’re awarded your score, and return to the title screen.”

The project is only looking to raise $2,500 and has sadly, despite being launched Sept. 6, has received no support from the gaming community, which is why I’m looking to you, my audience to help. The amount he’s looking for isn’t much and should be able to be easily raised.

The $2,500 they are looking for will cover the bare minimum needed – hardware, software, and staff payment – to develop the game. They hope to raise more than that so they can do more than the game.

What’s better is the rewards for donating. Per Dave on the funding site: “A little something else to say thank you to our backers; included in every perk is not only a timed early release of The Bounty, but also an exclusive level pack. This collection of fun special levels will be only released to indiegogo backers; though you can share if you want to.”

Check it out. Throw some money their way. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what you get in return. And think of it this way – these guys are REAL Indie Developers – doing it without a studio name or anything else and they are hoping to release it before the end of the year.

This is a flexible funding project, so they will get whatever is donated, even if they don’t reach the goal. Check out the project here:

attack-of-the-gelatinous-blob2. Attack of the Gelatinous Blob: RTS game meets tower assault by Paper Machete Games

This kickstarter was sent to me by the Brent Owens, owner of Paper Machete Games via email and I decided to look into it – especially since a demo was available to be downloaded from the game’s website.

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob looks to be a fun game that is an interesting mixture of RTS and tower assault games. And if you know me by now, I enjoy tower assault/defense games a lot, so of course the game automatically interested me.

The Kickstarter page describes the plot of the game as “You play the mad scientist, Dr. Blob, who uses his evil genius to create an army of ravenous blobs who eat everything in sight: and we do mean everything. Depending on what they eat, your blobs will mutate and gain amazing new abilities, changing their attack types, damage, speed, you name it. And better still, you can combine blobs to make them bigger and nastier, working towards your greatest creation: the uberblob!”

But of course, you are going to have to fight the humans who don’t want you take over the world – thus why it is an RTS/Tower assault game.

The project needs to raise $20,000 CAD to reach its goal and has only raised a little more than $1,500 of the goal. With 24 days to go as of Sept. 14, the project does have a chance to succeed before it ends on Oct. 9. The fact the game was named Indie Game of the Week makes me think more than just myself think the game will be entertaining.

Check out the project, perhaps even download the Windows Demo (the game will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux) and if you like it, consider donating here:

bionic-fighters-kickstarter3. Bionic Fighters- Super Smash Bros Style Combat by Imagination Vent

With less than 5 days to go as of Sept. 14 when this article is being written, it’s hard to imagine that this game which promises a Super Smash Bros. combat game for multiple platforms will reach funding, but it could – especially if it receives a boost that it needs. So far, a little more than $5,000 of the $75,000 needed to successfully fund the project has been raised.

The game promises to have both single player and multiplayer game mechanics with unique, high level art and characters. And with as popular as Super Smash Bros. is, I would think a modern version able to be played on multiple console types – including the OUYA – would make people more interested in it.

Contributions start for as low as $1 or as much as $5,100 and the rewards for donating at each tier make it definitely worthwhile. Check out what the team has for artwork and plans for the game, then perhaps consider donating:

STEM-wireless_slider4-1025x5724. STEM System: The Best Way to Interact with Virtual Worlds by Sixense

I read about this project, initially, on Kotaku because the project raised $400,000 in a single day, crushing its funding goal of $250,000. As of Aug. 14, with 27 days to go, the project sits at $474,349 raised. There is no question – people are definitely interested in this new system being put together by Sixense.

The system promises full immersion for video games which will allow gamers to interact with games in a whole new way. Science-fiction is close to meeting reality if this project is good as it sounds.

The system has been in development since fourth quarter 2012 and a playable system prototype is promised to be produced by January 2014 with a July 2014 ship date for people who pay for a system through KickStarter.

The team currently only has one Stretch Goal, but are planning to add more to the project. They are currently less than $30,000 away from their $500,000 stretch goal which will add wireless communication between the STEM base and the computer you are playing on.

Check out the project and consider donating to a unique project that may make waves for gaming in a way like no other.

delta-six-controller5. Delta Six: A New Type of Game Controller by David Kotkin

A game controller shaped like a gun which will be compatible with all of the current generation as well as the next generation consoles- this is what the Delta SIx game controller is. Successfully funded as of June 7, 2013, I’m surprised I missed the project in my search for Kickstarter projects to talk about – it was hiding from me under Technology.

The controller can be pre-ordered through the website ( ) at a price of $225. The retail price will be $299. Talk about an expensive controller.

The controller is described as the team creating something that they felt was missing from FPSes.

“We made a FPS controller that is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Our vision is to bridge the gap between motion control and Hardcore First Person Shooters. For the first time, the player will feel more immersed in game-play and have more control over the game than ever before. Unlike motion control of the past, we do the work for you.

  • Real recoil
  • Tap the magazine to reload
  • IR sensor triggers zoom by looking down the barrel
  • Move the stock to trigger a melee”

The project ended up raising $198,185 of the $100,000 it needed to raise between May 8 and June 7, 2013 and had 979 supporters. Backers who donated $159 or more received a Delta Six Game Controller. And the rewards only went up from there.

If you’re interested in seeing what the project was about, you can still check out the project page here:

This concludes this week’s KickStart This. Check out the previous editions below:

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