KickStart This: Week of Oct. 21

kickstarterOctober is almost over and we’re quickly moving into the Christmas season where money might be a little tighter for people who are wanting to buy presents for family and all that. But there are still worth Kickstarter Projects out there, and we’re going to feature three of them this week. Once again, sorry for the slight delay in getting this out. It has been a busy week at work and in my household. The article was 2/3 written Monday afternoon and I didn’t get a chance to touch it again till Wednesday and didn’t finish it till today.

Before I take a look at the projects to talk about this week, let’s do a quick recap of the KickStarter Projects mentioned in our previous article to see how they are doing funding wise – a number of them have been funded or well exceeding their funding goal.

Project Standings as of Oct. 21

  • Terminus by Ryan Czech fell short of its $28,000 goal, raising only $10,677 CAD so far. This interesting Sim-City like game for colonizing planets has potential and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try another Kickstarter or another campaign for funding. You can still learn about the game at the project site here:
  • The Ballads of Reemus 2 – 2D Point and Click Adventure Game by Jay Ziebarth reached and exceeded the goal of $15,000, raising a total of $17,276 and unlocking both stretch goals. Check the project out to see some of the art work that he’s already created for the donation level to turn you into a character in the game. Congrats to Jay and his team for a successful funding project!
  • Beyond Eyes by Sherida Halatoe has raised 3.995€ of the 10.000€ needed to fund the project. This is a flexible funding project, which means the developer will get whatever funds are raised, even if they don’t meet their goal of 10.000€. Check them out and consider donating to this interesting and unique game.
  • castAR: the most versatile AR & VR system by Technical Illusions has, unsurprisingly met and exceeded its goal a few days after launching the Kickstarter. As of 10:50 a.m. Oct. 21, the project has raised more than $560,000 and continues to grow. While they have no stretch goals listed, I won’t be surprised if they appear soon. This system has a lot of potential to change the way we game and I look forward to seeing what they produce. With 24 days remaining, you might consider chipping in a a bit to help the project go further. Check it out here:
  • Indie Van Game Jam by Binary Solo has raised slightly less than 10% of their $40,000 goal. As of this morning, they have raised $4,091 and have 16 days left to achieve their goal. Check out what they’re up to – building games from a van while doing a webseries on other Indie Development Studios – and perhaps contributing to their project to make it successful.
  • ARTCADE: The Coin-Op Art Book by Tim Nichols has raised almost twice it’s goal – and will likely reach double the goal before funding ends in 27 hours. So far the project has raised £19,541 of its £10,000 goal. This is a book I’m looking forward to seeing in the future. Check it out and consider contributing to this awesome project.
  • Star Realms Deckbuilding Game by Robert Dougherty had beaten its goal last week, but continues to grow, having raised $31,555, more than 11.5k more than it’s $20,000 goal. Like similar games in its genre, Star Realms has a lot of potential and for a reasonable investment, you can get a copy of the game to play once it releases by contributing to the Kickstarter. Check it out here:
  • Bot Colony, The First Game to Understand and Respond Intelligently in English by Eugene Joseph, North Side Inc. has 8 days to go but, sadly, has only raised $2,539 of the $100,000 to make the project successfully funded. The fact that the game is supposed to eliminate built in responses and respond to how you type your answers, it is a very interesting concept. If you like the idea, I strongly suggest checking out the Kickstarter here and consider contributing.

Now on to the three new projects we are looking at, which include the first in a documentary series on video games, a print magazine for retro news and retro articles from the past and a game from a company that made some of our PC favorite games.

world-1-11. World 1-1 by Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez

Another video game documentary – I know, I know, some folks are probably tired of seeing these, but I think this one is neat because it’s a series that will cover the history of video games, especially the early years. And if you are like me, the early years were before you were born – I was born in 1980 but I still love the classic.

World 1-1 is the first full-length film in the documentary series and will be covering:

  • The business deals
  • The personalities of the pioneers
  • The creations of the engineers
  • Retelling the story

The money from this Kickstarter goes to equipment needed to produce the documentary as well as travel expenses to interview key figures including, but not limited to, Nolan Bushnell, David Crane, and others.

With 16 days to go and only $2,107 of the $15,000 needed raised, this project could use a little retro-gaming love. For as little as $20 you get a digital copy of the film, a digital wallpaper and thanks in the movies for contributing to its success. For $35 you get a DVD of the film and all the perks of the $20 contribution. And if you’re a big spender and are looking to contribute $1,000 to $5,000, you can be an executive producer and earn other exclusive perks to those reward levels. So if you like video game documentaries, consider checking this one out and contributing to it:

retro-magazine2. RETRO: The Multi-Format, Throw-Back Video Game Magazine by Mike Kennedy

Video game auction site and the podcast have teamed up to create this Kickstarter to fund a Retro-gaming Magazine titled RETRO. This magazine will be “an independent print, digital and online publication dedicated to the past, present and future of the video gaming pastime that will hearken back to the amazing magazines from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.”

Each issue promises to be 52 pages long with only 4 pages of advertisements. They already have a team of writers ready to go including Patrick Scott Patterson, Keith Robinson, Michael Thomasson, Alexandra Hall and many others.

The initial funding goal of $50,000 covers the cost of publishing six issues. They do have stretch goals to increase number of pages printed and other published items.

It would be great to see another gaming magazine out there – something that is different from Game Informer. I strongly suggest checking this project out and consider contributing to it. Or if you’re interested in writing for them, they are still accepting authors as well. Check it out here:

CyanLanding-300x1873. Obduction by Cyan, Inc.

If you are an older PC Gamer – heck even some of the younger PC gamers may know the names of the games if not played the games – then you remember Myst and Riven. Obduction is a new, real-time, first-person adventure game by the creators of Myst and Riven and the game is designed in their spirit. Or, to put it simply, Obduction will be the spiritual successor to Myst and Riven.

Launched Oct. 17, the project has a month to reach it’s funding goal of $1.1 million. As of Oct. 24 – 6 days post launch – they have raised more than half of their goal with $579,733.

Obduction is being touted as “an entirely new property, delivered using one of the most powerful game development technologies available today. Obduction is an adventure game for the new millennium that stays true to the concepts that made the genre great.” And “is being built with the same framework that made Cyan’s earlier games such a wonderful experience: stunning landscapes, deep storyline, engaging characters, dramatic soundscapes, and challenging yet intuitive puzzles.”

As this year marks 20 years since Myst was launched, it’s great to see the company creating a new IP.

For as little as a $25 contribution, you get a digital copy of the game as well as access to private forums and other little perks. For as much as $4,500 you can attend the launch party at Cyan’s HQ. For $10,000 you get to join in on a design session and attend the launch party with a bunch of perks – hint if you want this, there are only seven left as three have been claimed.

Like most Kickstarters, they plan to have stretch goals, but won’t be listing those until they reach their goal of $1.1 million.

If you enjoyed Myst or Riven or both of the games, check this project out as it’s full of information about storylines, game design, graphics and more, then consider contributing.

This concludes this week’s KickStart This. Check out the previous editions below:

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