KickStart This: Week of Oct. 28

kickstarterWelcome to this week’s edition of KickStart This.  There are a lot of interesting projects out there, whether they be video game documentaries, video games themselves or hardware, there’s a lot of projects to chose from.  As always, we thank folks who have taken time to email us about their projects and even more thanks to those who have agreed to do interviews with us which should appear in the near future.

Before we go into the projects we’re going to look at this week, let’s recap the projects that were still in progress as of last week and where they are in their fundraising endeavors.

Project Standings as of Oct. 27, 2013

  • Beyond Eyes by Sherida Halatoe has raised 4.230€ of the 10.000€ needed to fund the project. This is a flexible funding project, which means the developer will get whatever funds are raised, even if they don’t meet their goal of 10.000€.  They have three days left to raise funds for the game.  Check them out and consider donating to this interesting and unique game.
  • CastAR: the most versatile AR & VR system by Technical Illusions has, unsurprisingly met and exceeded its goal a few days after launching the Kickstarter.  The project has raised more than $640,000 and continues to grow.   While they have no stretch goals listed, I won’t be surprised if they appear soon.  This system has a lot of potential to change the way we game and I look forward to seeing what they produce.  With 18 days remaining, you might consider chipping in a a bit to help the project go further.  Check it out here:
  • Indie Van Game Jam by Binary Solo  has raised slightly less than 10% of their $40,000 goal.  As of this morning, they have raised $4,411 and have 9 days left to achieve their goal.  Check out what they’re up to – building games from a van while doing a webseries on other Indie Development Studios – and perhaps contributing to their project to make it successful.
  • ARTCADE: The Coin-Op Art Book by Tim Nichols raised almost twice it’s goal with a total of £22,055 of its £10,000 goal.  This is a book I’m looking forward to seeing in print.  If you haven’t heard about the book, learn mroe about it here:
  • Star Realms Deckbuilding Game by Robert Dougherty had beaten its goal last week, but continues to grow, having raised $36,665 of its $20,000 goal.  Like similar games in its genre, Star Realms has a lot of potential and for a reasonable investment, you can get a copy of the game to play once it releases by contributing to the Kickstarter.  Check it out here, and if you are going to contribute, do so in the next five days: :
  • Bot Colony, The First Game to Understand and Respond Intelligently in English by Eugene Joseph, North Side Inc. only raised $2,539 of the $100,000 to make the project successfully funded. The creator canceled the project six days ago, so it is no longer up for funding.
  • World 1-1 by Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez has 9 days to go to meet their goal of $15,000 and are only 1/3 of the way there, having raised $5,228 so far.  Check out what they’re working on and the first in the documentary series they’re wanting to create and help them reach their goal here:
  • RETRO: The Multi-Format, Throw-Back Video Game Magazine by Mike Kennedy is nearing their goal of $50,000, having raised $40,758 with 6 days remaining to reach their goal.  I think they can do it, but need the next little push.  For as little as $7 you can get the premiere issue of the magazine.  For as little as $12, you can get digital copies of the magazine for a full year.  For as little as $30, you can get a full year of printed copies of the magazine.  So really – if you’re contributing now, it’s like you’re paying for your magazine subscription early.  Check it out, as there are plenty other options that may fit your needs and help them reach their goal.
  • Obduction by Cyan, Inc., is steadily heading toward its goal of $1 million raised, currently sitting at more than $637,000.  With 19 days to go, I have no doubt that the creators of Myst and Riven will achieve their goal, but people should still consider contributing to this awesome game.  For as little as a $25 contribution, you get a digital copy of the game  as well as access to private forums and other little perks.  For as much as $4,500 you can attend the launch party at Cyan’s HQ.  There are, of course, a bunch of perks for contributing between those two amounts, but those seemed the most interesting – at least to me.  Check it out and see what appeals to you and consider contributing.

As always, we understand some folks can’t contribute to all the projects out there they want to see happen – I know I can only contribute to a few a year.  So if you can’t contribute, consider tweeting and talking about these projects to spread the word.

Now for this week’s projects, which include

red-baron-logo1.  Red Baron by Mad Otter Games

If you enjoyed the classic dog-fighting sim, Red Baron, you just may like this as it’s the same creators of Red Baron updating the game.  The project founders describe their intentions as:  “We will transform your PC into a fighter aircraft from the era that defined dogfighting. Our team built Red Baron, Aces of the Pacific, Aces over Europe, A-10 Tank Killer and Ace of Aces. We set the standard for flight games with excitement, realism, great gameplay, authenticity, and immersion. We continue the tradition now with Red Baron. … Red Baron will put you in the cockpit of a biplane fighter from the Great War. You will see your pilot working the controls: the stick, the throttle, and the guns.”

That sounds amazing.  And I enjoy dog-fighting games and if it’s a remake of a classic, being remade by its original creators, I think it can only be a good thing.

This project needs $250,000 to be fully funded.  It has raised $30,902 and has 24 days to go to reach the goal.

For as little as $15 you get a digital copy of the game and other digital perks.  For $45 you get the game, digital perks AND access to the game during Alpha testing. For $500, you will receive: FOUR COPIES of the Red Baron game; digital download wallpapers and art book, TEN limited edition insignia’s, TEN limited edition skins, alpha access, classic Red Baron pack, every standard plane skin, a signed Red Baron poster of your choice, and YOUR NAME in the credits as a supporter.  And for the biggest donation of $10,000, you will receive: Ten copies of the Red Baron game; digital download wallpapers and art book, ALL limited edition insignia’s and skins for ALL TEN of your game copies, alpha access, classic Red Baron pack, every standard plane skin for ALL TEN of your game copies, a signed Red Baron poster of your choice, your name in the credits as a PATRON, and a day and DINNER WITH THE TEAM where you will help DESIGN a SKIN, an UPGRADE, an INSIGNIA, and a MAP LANDMARK.

There are, of course, a lot of contribution levels and perks in between those amounts, but they are all appropriate for the amount donated.  Check the project out and if it’s your type of game and you have some clams to spare, consider contributing here:

spark-rising2.  Spark Rising–Build. Battle. Conquer.  by Wicked Loot

This was one of those projects that came my way via press release in my email and I found it to be kind of interesting.

Spark Rising is a third-person action game, infused with strategy and sandbox creation. Players take the role of a Spark Bot whose prime directive is to build and conquer fortresses, then engage in massive battles, all in an attempt to protect rare resources. During the build phase, strongholds can be fortified with all sorts of nasty stuff — turrets, traps, barricades and troops. Players can even create their own creatures and weapons. Once the battle begins, gamers jump into unique class-based exo-suits to take down whole armies. The galaxy is for the taking, as the game expands into a 4X strategy game, where other players now enter the fray. Spark Rising is planned for release in 2014.

A new reward tier provides the first 100 supporters at the $45+ donation level with a free copy of the popular voxel-creation tool, Qubicle Constructor, which costs $40 on its own. All supporters of the Kickstarter, even at the minimum donation of $10, will receive Alpha access to Spark Rising when it becomes available.

With a little more than 2 days to go, the project needs a little less than $6,000 to meet their $17,000 goal.  For as little as a $10 contribution, you can get a digital copy of the game for PC or Mac.  There are a ton of new rewards in addition to previous awards available.  Check them out – $10 for a game is not bad and you’d be helping to get it funded while adding a game to your library.  If you like the idea behind the game, the project can be found here:

steam-works3.  Steam Works Video Game by Steam Works

This game looks to have an interesting premised based in one of my favorite genres: Steampunk.

With a little more than 2 weeks to go, this project needs to raise a total of $150,000 to be successful.  Sadly, it has only raised $2,475 which is why we are talking about it today.

Steam Works is an open world RPG set on the planet of Arcade where the player decides the fate of human and alien kind.  The game combines classic RPG elements with being a FPS.  So instead of swords and magic, you have Steampunk based weapons like lasers and plasma guns, etc.

This project, however, is one of those projects that looks too well done to get funding.  With the really awesome graphics and multiple videos completing the pitch, many people would ask why in the world they’d need funds for the game.  And perhaps that is why they need funds, they put a lot into it, now they just need the final amounts to finish it.

The world is well defined in the project as are some of the characters and potential evil characters/monsters as well.

For as little as a $15 contribution, you can receive a digital downloadable copy of Steam Works for XBOX1, XBOX360 PS4 or PC. This limited price point is only available for the first backers of Steam Works.  There are many other pledge levels from $15 all the way to $10,000 all of which contain copies of the game in addition to other perks for the respective contribution levels.  This would be a neat game to see get off the ground, so if you like Steampunk, check it out and consider being a contributor:

you-are-not-the-hero4.  You Are Not the Hero by Donn Manalili

While this project has already well exceed its goal of $12,000 – it’s sitting at $43,410 – I thought it was an interesting project to look at with 14 days remaining in its funding period.

You Are Not the Hero is described as  a 2D Action Platform RPG that ditches the battle system to focus on richer RPG gameplay elements. Instead of playing a traditional hero that saves the world, you’re playing a bystander swept into the affairs of heroes and villains alike.

You play as Petula, an unemployed, emotionally charged, ill-tempered, otherwise average young woman. With the royal army hot on their heels, the heroes have made their way to your village where they begin scavenging for supplies in everyone’s homes. After you confront them for stealing your pendant, they rush off to continue their quest, giving you a quest of your own to retrieve it.

The project page is full of fun details and quirks about the game – including mini-games and puzzles in the game itself as well as the fact it will have a custom soundtrack.  The game has an interesting appeal and perhaps that’s why the project has had such a successful funding push so far.

The funding on this project was so successful with contribution levels selling out that they added a number of additional contribution levels for people to contribute through.  I think almost every Kickstarter project founder would agree – that’s a good problem to have.  And let’s be honest, the $10 tier to receive a DRM free version of the game sold out, so they needed other options for people to contribute on.

This project has multiple stretch goals, several of which have already been unlocked.  If another $7,000 is raised, an extra chapter will be added to the game.  If a total of $60,005 is raised, another chapter, for a total of 2 extra chapters, will be added to the game.

As the $10 contribution level sold out, the lowest amount you can contribute to receive a copy of the game is $15 and you receive a couple other digital perks as well.  For $30 you can gain access to beta along with other perks.  For $2,000 you can get a whole bag of goodies, including the ability to design your own town in the game.  Only one contribution at that amount is available, but if you have that amount to throw at a game, you might consider it.

Full details of You Are Not the Hero can be found here:

This concludes this week’s KickStart This. Check out the previous editions below:

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