Mobile Game Review: Temptation

Temptation-logo568x568Available for: iPad
Genre: Puzzle/Adventure

Temptation is a point-and-click adventure style game made for an iPad’s touchscreen. Like most games of its genre, the actual gameplay is rather simple. The player navigates a series of interconnected scenes, each one containing items to investigate and obstacles to be overcome. Players will not be able to progress in the game until they collect all the necessary tools and figure out how to use them.

Games of this genre are popular for developers because the mechanics are relatively easy to program. The catch is that the game will have a much stronger reliance on story to be enjoyable. And since it is a game with puzzles and not a book or movie, it is important for the puzzles make sense within the flow of the story. If the obstacles seem out of place or forced, it kills the immersion into the game. But if the puzzles and interactions seem matched to the story (even a somewhat silly one) then the player more easily overlooks the occasional hiccup in the gameplay experience.

I recently reviewed a similar game by the same developer that missed the mark pretty badly, so I was a bit worried going in for Temptation. But after a few minutes with the game I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously it’s not Skyrim, but Temptation knows what it’s working with and makes all the right decisions within those parameters. The story is no worse than half of the horror movies that have come out in the last five years, and while the game may throw you into the middle of things a bit clumsily, that can be a consequence of getting the player into the game faster.

Most importantly, it all flows. I never sopped to wonder what some obviously-out-of-place object was doing here or why I had to solve a puzzle. Sure, they clearly wouldn’t be there or necessary if an event like this really happened, but since it fits it still works. The game doesn’t promise much, but it delivers.

temptation-568x568-1Gameplay: 8/10 – Point-and-click games can be tricky to rate, since the mechanics are so simple.  That means less room for innovation, but also less room to mess up. So a game like this gets credit just for sticking to the established road as long as it makes good use of those established conventions.  Temptation isn’t groundbreaking, but it accomplishes what it set out to do.

Graphics: 8.5/10 – The visuals in the game are pretty standard iPad game fare. I’ve seen much better, to be sure, but mostly from big budget games that use the graphics as a major selling point. Like the gameplay itself, Temptation’s graphics get credit more for doing well within the restraints than for pushing the limits.

Sound: 7/10 – The sound in the game is pretty much irrelevant. There is beyond background music and some basic sound effects, but nothing critical to the gameplay. The sounds aren’t so bad as to detract from the experience, but I often found myself playing the game muted.

Overall: 8/10 – Temptation is a great little diversion for any point-and-click adventure fan with an iPad. It’s nothing that will shock or amaze you, but it is a solid title that is sure to satisfy for the duration of the experience.

Check out this promo video for Temptation below.

Review code for this game provided courtesy of G5 Games


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