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Published by: Telltale Games
Available for: Android
Review is on: PC, PS3, XBox, iOS, PSVita, Fire HDX, Android, PS4, Xbox One and Ouya
Cost: Varies.  Episodes can be bought cheaper as a season pass or individually, which is priced higher.
Genre: Arcade

So this review is a little late in coming, but it’s still worth it. Before I started playing The Walking Dead Season 2, I wanted to make sure I finished up The Walking Dead: Season One, which meant playing through 400 Days. I had finished The Walking Dead: Season One a while back, but never got back into playing the final expansion and with three episodes of The Walking Dead Season 2 out, I figured now it was time to go back into the game.

In the spirit of TellTale Games, I will not be spoiling anything in the episode.

That being said, you don’t pick up where Season One Left off, at least not really.  This episode bridges the gap between Season 1 and Season 2. You follow the steps of 5 people centered around a gas station in Georgia covering a a short period of time during the first parts of the zombie outbreak.  The time varies depending on each character you play.  You get to chose who you play through each time, and you have to play as each one to finish the episode. It doesn’t seem to matter which order you pick, just pick one and go with it, but do remember, every action you take affects the way NPCs treat you in the game and will affect their ultimate decisions in the end.

the-walking-dead-screenshot-boardThat being said, you get to pick from Bonnie, Russell, Shel, Vince or Wyatt. As you play through and come back to the board where their pictures are, their picture disappears and you chose the next.

Each of these characters has a story and you will want to play this before you play Season 2 because at least one of these characters makes an appearance in Season 2 thus far.

Once you’ve made it through all the scenarios, you get to play as Tavia. As I can’t tell more from there as it would spoil the game, just remember, like the other five characters, Tavia’s choices will impact everything as well.

It is important to note, just as the choices you made in Season 1 carry over into this game, the choices you make in this game will carry over into Season 2.

That being said, let me give the quick statistical review of the game.

Gameplay: 9/10
With all of the Walking Dead Games, I’ve had issues with the controls, but I think it’s more of a “I wasn’t expecting to suddenly have to hit Q repeatedly and then E, or whatever else came up that I wasn’t anticipating. And as it’s a game on rails, even if you screw up and die, you get to try it over again and learn from your mistakes so you can finish the episode.

screenshot-eddieGraphics: 9/10
The graphics are what you expect from The Walking Dead games. They aren’t stunning, but they aren’t bad either. It gives you a bit of a comic book feel, which I suppose adds to the uniqueness of the game and it’s playstyle.

Sound: 9/10
As with most of the Telltale games, sound is a very important aspect of the game. The voice actors, music and ambient sounds set the tone of each scene and made it more realistic and immersive than most games.

Overall: 9/10
This is a really good additional episode which bridges Season 1 and Season 2. I thoroughly enjoy playing it and am planning on playing it through a second time and making different choices to see how it changes the outcome of things.

If you haven’t played The Walking Dead: Season One, The Walking Dead: 400 Days or the episodes that are out thus far for The Walking Dead: Season Two, I strongly encourage you to do so (and you may find them on sale during the Steam Summer Sale).

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