Join Mayh3m Militia in the 8-Bit Salute: Gaming for Our Troops

mayh3m-militia-operation-supply-dropLet the fundraising gaming marathon begin with #54hours of gaming which started at 3 p.m. today.

Mayh3m Militia, comprised of Team Mayh3m (Matt Miller and Michelle Ireland), Dave Vogt, Zoe Howard and Eric Cummings will be streaming at set times over the next 54 hours to raise money for Operation Supply Drop to support more troops than they could have alone.

Operation Supply Drop is holding it’s 4th Annual 8-Bit Salute: Gaming for the Troops starting at noon May 16 and running through noon May 17th. Mayh3m Militia is going for a bit longer than 24 hours. They’re going for #54hours.

Operation Supply Drop has used gaming as a catalyst to provide support for more than 7,000 troops through four programs. They have a goal of raising $1,337,000 with this event. Mayh3m Militia’s goal is $5,000 and with the gaming community’s help they can reach or exceed that amount.

Friday’s streaming starts at 3 p.m. with Zoe at

Check out the Operation Supply Drop Mayh3m Militia streaming schedule below:

Saturday, May 16

Noon – Matt & Michelle from Team Mayh3m will be streaming live at

3 p.m. – Mason Cramer will be streaming live at

6:30p.m. – Jay from the NES Club will bestreaming live at

7 p.m. – Dave and Terri will be streaming live at

Sunday, May 17

1 a.m. – Zoe will be streaming live at

3 a.m. – Matt & Michelle from Team Mayh3m will be streaming live at

6 a.m. – Matt from Team Mayh3m will be streaming live at

9 a.m. – Matt from Team Mayh3m will be streaming live at

Noon – Dave will be streaming live at

6 p.m. – Eric will be streaming live at

10 p.m. – Dave will be streaming live at

To support Operation Supply Drop and the Mayh3m Militia, you can click this link to donate:

If you can’t donate, tweet, Facebook and share this all weekend and drop by on their streams to chat with them.

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