Trick or Treat? Are the new Overwatch patches here to help or hurt?

OverwatchIt’s the time of year where people are prepping sugary treats and spooky outfits. Blizzard’s fast paced, colorful shooter, Overwatch, is no different. Another round of patches have been introduced to help balance their eclectic lineup of memorable heroes. Let’s take a look at what those changes are and how they’ll help, or hurt the gameplay.

The first, and most notable change is that now all ultimate abilities have had an additional increase by 25% cost to be able to use them.

D. Va

Everyone’s favorite S. Korean gamer gal has beefed up as a tank with an increase in health to 200 for her mech. Her armor rating remains the same at a total of 400. But that’s not all. If you found her slow before when she’s unleashing her flurry of shots, worry not, because now she’s received a 25% percent boost in movement speed while firing.


Our mercenary sniper/healer hasn’t been affected much. Much being defined by how much you relied on all of Nano Boost’s affects. The ability no longer gives an increase in character movement speeds. So, strategy-wise for example, if your plan was to use it on already speedy heroes, or, even another healer, Luccio, for positioning maneuvers, sorry.


The techno-centric dwarf with his oversized hammer has been brought down (yay or nay) to level. A source of irritation or joy for many players. The scrap collecting defensive character finds himself under a lot of changes. First, scrap is generated over time for Torbjorn automatically. However, this comes at the cost of a 40% decrease in collected scrap from enemy player deaths. So, if you used to run around harvesting the battlefield and tossing out buffs to teammates, you might be waiting a bit longer to do that.

For those of you relying on his turret—and who doesn’t—you’re in for a pleasant surprise. His swing speed has gone up 25% so as long as your turret’s not under fire, faster build time. This comes at a cost in 27% reduction damage for the hammer, not the turret. Hopefully many of you weren’t running around trying to bop people to death with the tool…


The Russian power-lifting, laser cannon totin’ tank has had a change to her core system. Her barriers now give you 20% less power absorption across yes, both barriers. So, you’ll have to juggle her abilities a bit more carefully and manage your power usage for the laser as well.


The rollerblading healer has had a strange decrease to his Amp It Up ability. It’s healing-per-second has been decreased by a sum of 10%. Depending on how you use it and manage your heals, it’s not exactly crippling, but, per second basis, 10% also adds up.


The diminutive ice-queen’s ultimate has been increased by 15%. Given the power of it and the fact it can render entire teams immobile and at the mercy of other teammate ultimates, I can see why it’s happened. This one’s up for discussion. Good call, Blizzard, or not? Let us know what you think below.

ow_halloween_lootboxopen_tg_png_jpgcopySoldier 76

The click and shoot soldier has had his rounds upgraded. His bullets now do 20 damage per round instead of 17 and his spread has increased from 2.2 to 2.4. A little penalty to accuracy in the exchange for more power! Given his ultimate aimbot ability, I can only see this as a benefit for the right moments. Save that ultimate and unleash the damage when it comes down to a deciding point in the match, and you might be able to turn the tide.

If you liked the article, and have suggestions or something you’d like to see us write about, let us know, will you? Thank you for reading!


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