Recording Rules

General Recording Rules

All submissions must follow, at minimum, the following recording guidelines.  Some platforms may have additional guidelines which need to be followed and can be found linked below.  If the platform isn’t listed below, we are either not accepting submissions for that system yet, or there are no additional guidelines to follow.  Records must be set on original, unmodified hardware only, no emulators will be allowed.

  1. Please note, we will not be accepting direct feed submissions for score attempts.
  2. Recording must be started before the game system is booted up.
  3. Turn on the TV and boot up the game system without a game inside.
    a.  If submitting for a game on a disc, the disc should be shown to the camera before placing into the game system.
    b.  If submitting for a DLC game, the system should boot up, then you should show the game being selected and go into the menu settings to show options or reset set options, then start new game.
  4. Record the attempt.  You can continue recording as many attempts as you want for that game without repeating step 1-3 as long as the recorder isn’t stopped or paused.  When submitting the record, if multiple attempts are made, please note the time stamp of where your record attempt begins for the record.
  5. Player must remain in frame during the recording.
  6. For games lasting over an hour, it is beneficial to have a clock in frame to insure continuity.
  7. Zoom in on the final score so that it can be clearly seen by staff verifying the recording.  Please state the score verbally as well.
  8. Recording a replay of a previous game will not be accepted.  Recording must be of gameplay as it happens.
  9. Pausing a game (with the exception of changing out a disk) will invalidate the score attempt.

Additional rules may apply depending on what method you are using to submit your record attempts.  For rules regarding submission methods, please see Acceptable Submission Methods.

Links to Platform Specific Rules


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