Arcade Recording Rules

Retro GamingIn addition to normal recording rules, please follow these specialized rules for Arcade games.

  1. Start recording.
  2. Before starting the record attempt, you must confirm the cabinet configuration and settings.*a. Open the cabinet and make sure there is enough light to see inside.b. Show the wiring and components to insure everything is connected correctly.c. Zoom in on the board switch settings if applicable. If necessary, remove the board so you can show a clear view of the dip switch settings.
  3. Power the game on while recording the video screen during the bootup process.
  4. If there are any software specific settings, go to the settings screen and zoom in on the settings
  5. Coin up the game with a maximum of one credit (If recording a two player game, you may add two credits if required to start the game correctly).
  6. Launch the game. Make sure the player and screen are in the recording during the entire game. No pausing of the game is allowed.
  7. After the game is complete zoom the camera in for a close-up of your score and please state the score verbally.

* Exception to Rule 1 – for arcade cabinets where removing the boards for validation is more difficult (i.e. cocktail games), the gamer may remove the boards for video verification of the settings after completing their game.

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