Nintendo 3DS Recording Rules

Unless stated otherwise within individual game recording rules, you must record both screens with the3D turned off.

  1. With the power off on the 3DS, start recording.
  2. Power up the 3DS.
    — The 3DS must be set to Manual Mode Start-Up.  This can be set up wtihin the 3DS Options menu.
  3. Show the 3DS game cartridge to the camera.  Insert the game into the 3DS and show the camera that the game has appeared on the menu. Select the game and start the game.
    a. If recording a virtual console, 3DS classics game or other game via downloadable content, follow the same procedure as above, except instead of showing the game to the camera, you most show  the game you are playing on the screen before you select it.  While recording this, please state verbally that you are selecting a game from the area and are not inserting a game.  Select the game and start the game.  You must show that you are starting a NEW game.
  4. The 3DS must be in full view of the camera at all times while being recorded.
  5.  Once you have achieved the score, you are required to bring the 3DS closer to the camera for a close-up of your score/time.  You must also state the score out loud, verbally, in case the image is blurry.

* Banned glitches/tactics are not allowed. If you’re unsure about a method you’re using, please email


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