Wii Recording Rules

wiitrackRecording for the Wii system is similar to other consoles, but with a few specific rules involved.

Start recording before you power up the console. Not doing this will invalidate the record attempt. The recording must show the boot-up sequence, which includes the Health and Safety Warning, the Wii Channels menu, and game boot-up sequence. If you do not show any of the above items, the record attempt will be disqualified.

If you are recording a virtual console game on the wii, you must press the HOME button on the Wii remote to reset the software. This forces a new game to be played instead of booting up from a previous game.

In the interest of recording clarity and settings confirmation, the player may have the just the screen in the recording frame for the record attempt. Some titles may require that the player also be in the frame along with the screen for the duration of the record attempt. In such instances, that requirement will be listed in the rules for each specific title.

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