NES Variations: Super Mario 3 – Deathless Score Run – Points – High Score

Scoring ends after completing all levels available to you(final score after Time bonus in Bowser’s castle) or your character dies, which ever comes first.

You may:

  1. Warp backwards
  2. Use Map screen items
  3. Skip levels using cloud/paths
  4. Hammer Brothers, Hands, Coin ships, etc, are fair game, but keep in mind they still count for deaths.

You may not:
Preform any glitches which an officiator can reasonably consider outside of usual game play.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Run will immediately be terminated with a result of a zero score OR a disqualification for the following actions:

  • Deliberate use of a glitch that allows you to walk through walls or otherwise break the game physics. ( IE world 7 skips)
  • Item Cloning: making a box give you more then one item in the same spawning.
  • Wrong way pipes: All pipes and doors MUST go where intended.
  • Enemy cloning: Making more hammer brothers on World map.

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