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This page contains all scores that have been set thus far through Video Game Scoreboard for all Android scores.  To search the Android scoreboard, click in the white space below the save options and type in search term.  You can search by game name, player’s name or variation.  It will auto-filter as you type.

The scoreboard is also sortable by any of the columns seen below.  To sort, just click on the column you wish to sort by and it will sort them from there.

Game Name
Player Name
Date Achieved
Candy CrushAndroidLevel 6 - Points - High Score 60,860 Matthew Cromwell9/2/2013
Candy Crush SagaAndroidLevel 7 – No Boosters Allowed – Points – High Score 173,330 Emma Ziegler
Candy Crush SagaAndroidLevel 8 – No Boosters Allowed – Points – High Score 40,540 Spencer Smith
RadiantAndroidPoints - High Score 792,982 Dae Kim8/31/2013
TetrisAndroidMarathon - Starts at Level 1 - Points - High Score 686,250 Keith Thompson8/31/2013
Wreck It Ralph: Fix It Felix Jr.AndroidPoints – High Score- Default Settings 146,500 John Pompa12/20/2013
Jewels 2Android Classic Game – Quick mode - Points - High Score 4,550 Stephanie Gillespi8/31/2013
Avoid EliteAndroid via WikipadMarathon Setting – Points – High Score 1,431,044 David Carnahan8/30/2013
Beach Buggy BlitzAndroid via WikipadPoints – High Score – No Powerups 3,534 Leechew Saechang8/30/2013
Beach Buggy BlitzAndroid via WikipadPoints – High Score – No Powerups 3,141 David Shoemacker8/30/2013
Beach Buggy BlitzAndroid via WikipadQuick Play – Single Stick – Points – High Score – Electro Injecto by X-FaCtOr 66,056 Chris Wright8/30/2013
Angry BirdsAndroid WikipadLevel 1-1 - Points - High Score 32,680 Kathryn Neeck8/31/2013
Angry BirdsAndroid WikipadLevel 1-4 - Points - High Score 61,430 Hobbes Caltous8/31/2013
I Must RunAndroid WikipadPoints - High Score 29,600 Somsak Seugphrackaub8/31/2013
I Must RunAndroid WikipadPoints - High Score 51,100 Matthew Cromwell9/2/2013
Ski SafariAndroid WikipadPenguin Peaks - Points - High Score 47,463 Tanner Roberts8/31/2013

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