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This page contains all scores that have been set thus far through Video Game Scoreboard for all NES scores.  To search the NES scoreboard, click in the white space below the save options and type in search term.  You can search by game name, player’s name or variation.  It will auto-filter as you type.

The scoreboard is also sortable by any of the columns seen below.  To sort, just click on the column you wish to sort by and it will sort them from there.

Game Name
Player Name
Date Achieved
Balloon FightNESTwo Player Co-op/Team - NTSC - Points - High Score - Game B 2,975,250 Michelle Ireland & Matthew S. Miller (Team Mayh3m)2/16/2015
Mario Bros.NESTwo Player Co-Op - Game A - NTSC Points - High Score 3,932,380 Michelle Ireland & Matthew S. Miller (Team Mayh3m)4/7/2013
Mario Bros.NESTwo Player Co-op/Team (No POW Allowed) - NTSC - Game A -Points - High Score 3,205,110 Michelle Ireland & Matthew S. Miller (Team Mayh3m)6/8/2014
Smash T.V. (1 Player)NESPoints - High Score - Single Player 11,729,120 John Pompa9/4/2012
Tetris-Tengen VersionNESLines – Number of Lines Cleared 329 John Pompa9/26/2012
Tetris-Tengen VersionNESPoints – High Score 162,148 John Pompa9/26/2012
BattletoadsNESPoints - High Score999999James Sorge12/7/2010
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomNESPoints - High Score1306900James Sorge8/10/2011

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