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Mobile Game Review: Alpha Wave

20120909-011628Published by:  Hardline Studios
Available for: Android
Review is on: Wikipad
Cost: $1.25 though Alpha Wave Lite, which is limited to the first level, is free, but a great demo of the game
Genre: Arcade

If you have a love for the classic, fast action games like Astrosmash, Space Invaders or Asteroids and want to kill time while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, picking up a kid from an after school event, or between projects at work, then you just might enjoy Alpha Wave.

Alpha Wave is a fast moving shooter-style game, like Asteroids and Space Invaders, that has your ship at the bottom of the screen and you have to move it left and right to destroy the various items raining down on you – whether it be space debris, asteroids, UFOs, weapons firing at you, etc.

As you play, various bonuses will drop down to change your weapon type, heal your ship or increase your movement speed.  As you destroy things, you have two items that will build up power to 100%, when they can be used.  First is the Singularity Bomb which will destroy every object on the screen.  Then the Weapon’s Special effect (I’m not sure what it’s called) but it lasts for a few seconds and adds extra destroying power to your weapon till it ends.

alpha-wave-Image_4There are 65 waves per game per planet per level, each getting progressively harder with no way to stop until you die – yes, that means there is no pausing.  There is a huge variety of enemies as you progress through the game, each with unique behaviors.  You will also face final bosses to explode or they explode you – literally

The game plays very smoothly on just the tablet without the wikipad and plays just as smoothly with the Wikipad gaming accessory – perhaps even easier.  What I found playing on my phone is that I loved that if your ship got hit or when the super bomb went off, it vibrated, letting you know what happened – you don’t get that experience on the tablet or with the Wikipad.

Gameplay: 9/10
The game play is very fast and very crisp for being on a tablet.  If you’re looking for a fast game to play while waiting for someone or for an appointment, this is definitely one that fits it.  Games can last anywhere from less than a minute to 15 minutes if you’re good and you make it through the waves.  I’m not that good, I only make it 5 minutes and to wave 15.  There has been no lag on any of the devices I played it on and any errors were on my part.

alpha-wave-Image_2Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are very crisp on the Wikipad, but it was designed with games like this in mind.   While it is not a graphically intense game, the game does have a lot of detailed sprites moving down across the screen while your ship moves back and forth shooting them.  Whether it’s asteroids or UFOs you’re destroying, they are detailed and you know what they’re supposed to be no matter the device you play on.

Sound: 9/10
I enjoyed the music and the sound effects in this game.  Very fitting for all the levels and gameplay.

Overall: 9/10
This is probably one of my rare 9/10 reviews as I really found nothing wrong with the game.  It doesn’t have a storyline – it’s not needed.  It’s designed to be quick and challenging.  And as you progress through the game and waves, you try to best your own scores.  The game does have a number of achievements a well which makes it even more fun.

If you’re on the fence, download the Alpha Wave Lite version, which allows you to play Stonewall through wave 65 on easy, normal and hard levels.  if you find you like it and want to purchase the upgrade, there’s an easy, one-time purchase in the game to upgrade it.

This review was done by the reviewer because the game interested her.  No code was received to review this game.

About Grace "Kayhynn" Snoke

Grace Snoke is a corporate journalist and author who enjoys gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making. Outside of her day job, she writes for a number of sites including: Video Game, Obsolete Gamer, SciTech Nerds and for a couple blogs and sites she owns. You can learn more about her adventures as an author here.


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