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Overwatch’s New Friend Sombra

OverwatchSombra, the tech-centric infiltrator has teased Overwatch fans for quite the while since her name was dropped. Consider her fully revealed and dropped. During the first day of BlizzCon 2016, the annual Blizzard themed convention, fans got all that they wanted to know about the new character.

Enter Sombra, our new “Offense” role character ranked at level three difficulty. In the trailer, we’re given the obvious information that she has history with the shadowy hit-man, Reaper, and the crack-shot sniper, Widowmaker. Now we know more about how she actually functions in game.

Sombra is set to do damage and disruption. Armed with a full-auto machine pistol, she’s set to do fast damage but over a limited, short range. Pros and cons to that. It seems like a similar attacking recipe to Tracer. Get in close, unload a clip and drop a hero. Rapid-fire weapons in Overwatch have a history of being low damage output per shot, but it’s their blinding attack speed and amount of rounds they can pump out that makes them effective.

Expect accuracy to be a must when using her.

sombraHer abilities add another element to the game, first of which is Hack: Sombra’s skill allows her to shutdown her opponents skill-shots temporarily and, if used right, can render health kits pointless to opponents. Clearly she’s designed to be a saboteur. Used properly, she can keep troublesome players and heroes from using skills effectively as well as controlling health pack points to prevent enemies from staying in the fight longer.

*Note: She can also shut down Torbjorn’s pesky turrets. Not take control of them, but, keep them out of play for a moment. Those moments count.

This is where creativity, skill, and awareness all come into play. Most attacker characters are primed for damage and movement-set skills. Tracer with her ability to rewind out of a bad situation and or recoup health. Her zipping around the map to isolate heroes and target points to unleash damage on. Reaper has a similar set up. Genji is focused on damage, and deflecting it. The pattern continues along the lineup until we get to Sombra.

She’s the first offensive hero to have an ability aimed at shutting down heroes without stunning them or causing damage. Interesting mechanic that we’re sure to see used a great deal in the days to come as people rush to try her out.

sombra-screenshot-001-38f80f39ca24b511463482b7441cb6c7d594da6256958434eae37d68ab8ef3894faf798f5eb4a79b40bf300667ccb44fed0b605b30f11c592260e27817569fa8Her next ability is Thermoptic Camo. As the name suggests, our cyberpunk hacker has an invisibility mechanism for a short period of time. It is visible with a slight shimmer as is popular for games that implement such an ability. During her camo phase, Sombra enjoys a speed boost allowing her to navigate maps quicker. Taking damage or attacking negates the camo ability and reveals her. Use it wisely to sneak up on opponents, past them to engage or reach an objective, or, to get the heck out of a dicey situation.

Translocator is another piece we’ve seen some hints at in the trailer. It’s a beacon that operates similarly to Symmetra’s teleporter system. It allows for instant travel across the map, back to the device, regardless of its placement/movement. Blizzard makes it clear on their site that Sombra can warp to its location even if its mid-flight.

Creative characters can use this to gain new positions and height advantages for some craft maneuvering or shots. Take it into consideration.

Finally, her ultimate. EMP. The name leaves little to the imagination, but, it’s poised to wreak some havoc when used properly. The ability attacks a wide radius and takes down enemy shields (sorry Reinhardt and Zarya) as well as hacking all enemies caught in its area of effect.

sombra-screenshot-005-a345f6726fdaa0e8d0d964d0fe016349c425577fedbe24c7a76b3d1e19b127005c444f089c8127130a6112134028bef83e48bc68564a61b8e4b4c4837668b88e*Note: Hacking is the same as her individual ability ergo it’s safe to assume under her ultimate, anyone caught in the field will have their skills shut down and health packs will be useless to enemies.

Not an ultimate you want to be on the receiving end of.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to try out the new offense character and how. Fill us in on any tips or strategies that have come to your mind using her. We appreciate the input.


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