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The State of Street Fighter V

sfv-logoFresh off of a relatively successful Evo 2016, which had a record breaking number of participants, Street Fighter V is a hot topic. With the release of Season 1’s final character of Urien, the story mode finally released, it’s looking a little more like a playable game for everyone rather than an unfinished beta state. Let’s look at a few things that have happened so far:

A relatively balanced cast

Only twice in fighting games’ entire history has a cast been balanced properly from top to bottom. One was X-Men vs. Street Fighter where everyone had some sort of broken tech, and Soul Calibur II where the cast could pretty much compete with each other without matchups. Street Fighter V is quickly becoming a threat to that list. With nearly every character having won a Capcom Pro Tour event and a good diversity of characters showing up in Top 8’s and Top 16’s, it’s safe to say that even with the low amount of characters available, there’s a balance between styles, skills, and abilities. It may not be Soul Calibur 2 perfect, but compared to most fighting games which have issues with some cast members being more powerful than others, Street Fighter V is proving to have everybody around the same strength.

urien-ss-3Ease of Play

One problem with recent fighting games is their relative complexity. Even on “simpler “ games like Street Fighter IV, you had to know how to Focus Dash Combo (FDAC) and deal with vortex pressure in order to stay alive. I had a hard time liking Street Fighter IV because of this. Other examples include Guilty Gear’s requirement of knowing massive pre-determined combos and punishing people for being too defensive. Skullgirls or any of the Marvel vs. Capcom titles had so many options for combos you needed to know which worked in certain situations and did enough damage. Tekken 7 and even more recent Soul Calibur’s have you needing to know about 100 moves per characters in their sets to keep you on your toes. Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat X require you to know overwhelming offense to succeed.

Street Fighter V went back to basics. Capcom took out a lot of setups and extra special moves and returned everyone essentially back to Street Fighter 2 Turbo days with a timed combo systems. Granted this brought on some problems like bringing Super Turbo Vega back, which was insanely broken to begin with, but the game is by far the simplest fighting game to play technically-wise in a very long time. Combo strings seem to resemble X-Men vs. Street Fighter pre-infinite discovery, and except for Guile and Balrog (so far), charge characters seem to be on a decline, bringing a more emphasis on smart offensive play. If you’ve played a fighting game at any time, you can probably find something that you know or have played before

jri_11Except for Infiltration (Seon-Woo Lee), everybody’s beating up on each other

Street Fighter V has leveled the playing field except for Infiltration. All the top players seem to beat up on each other. Daigo ended up placing 33rd place at Evo, took 9th at a smaller East Coast tournament, and won some big Asian tournament. Justin Wong had a lengthy run in the loser’s bracket at Evo, and is second in the points standings winning other ranking tournaments across the world. The Evo Top 16 had multiple new faces, from LI Joe to Yukadon, who never really had a reputation of placing before. So it’s not just people from the 2009 Street Fighter IV renaissance who are placing high.

But then there’s the Infiltration monster. Seon-woo Lee has won three of the four major tournaments he has entered, and except for losing to Tokido playing him for the third time in a tournament final and slipping up on Fuudo’s R. Mika sending him to Evo’s loser’s bracket (which he later avenged), he has had an answer to every situation. Whether it’s reading patterns and getting four perfects in a set, or just scrambling to get a hit confirm in an impossible situation, Infiltration has utterly dominated this game so far.

In tournaments, it has been Infiltration, then whoever is the cup of the day. Infiltration will be the heavy betting favorite going into Capcom Cup this year, no questions asked.

13-06-critical-artNot without Controversy

Nothing’s ever perfect. Street Fighter V has had its share of controversy. The first involves ragequitters. It took Capcom a year to find out who had been intentionally disconnecting from a match, then assessing them a penalty. Also, there was the public shaming issue regarding ragequitting, which I think was somewhat uncalled for.

Second is the lack of single player modes, Which I think was done by design choice, Capcom decided to do away with Arcade Mode to signal changing times, and only had a three really easy battle individual story mode, a survival mode which is nearly impossible to finish, and online. Capcom later rectified this problem by releasing a Mortal Kombat X-style Story Mode in July, but in many casual players’ eyes, it should have been released at the time the game was released and people paid $59.99 for it (not including Season Pass), bringing Capcom negative press in that regard.

Next up, is the DLC pricing. In a not-so-unusual in today’s market move, Capcom released a DLC that would contribute to the pro players’ prize pool. Unfortunately, instead of a reasonable $5 or $6 costume like Mortal Kombat X charged, they wanted $24.99 for an extra stage and 2 classic costumes. This caused a lot of outrage among a lot of community people and felt Capcom was being too exorbitant. Capcom’s response: Not every DLC will be reasonably affordable. It’s up to you to decide how you feel on that.

Last, but not least, in shades of Street Fighter x Tekken’s Gems Mode, Capcom released unfinished characters Juri and Urien in Story Mode as “disc-locked content”. While this might be more amenable in business where you can’t custom-make everything, in a consumer’s and general public’s eyes, this is another cheap cash grab by Capcom. This does not help their reputation on that one bit, especially after Street Fighter x Tekken, where they put 19 unfinished characters on the disc along with multiple gems looking for extra money.


In essence, as a result of all of this, Capcom has said they have had mildly disappointing sales of Street Fighter V, selling 1.5 million copies instead of 2 million projected. So it’s obvious some of their cash grab policies, lack of features, and no nostalgia hype impacted Street Fighter V at launch. However, its community is strong, and had exciting matches at Evo. Now that Story Mode is out, it might be worth it if you can get a deal for it for $20 to $35, then eventually getting the Season Pass, then you get everything for what was originally full price. Survival Mode is still an issue though, as they did patch in Super Turbo-style button reading AI. But in the end, with the Marvel vs. Capcom series unable to be produced due to licensing issues, this is probably the simplest and easiest game to get into that’s out there that’s currently active in tournaments.

To give a quick review:

Graphics: 8/10. Nothing special. Not a fan, but don’t hate it either. Wish they stuck to 4’s graphics.
Sound: 9/10. I think the remixes in online play are really cool.
Play Control: 8/10. Please do something about the eight frames of lag. This has to be tested for competitive balance though. More responsive to controls than other iterations though. Larger frame windows and timed combo systems a plus.
Fun Factor/Ease of Play: 5/10. Online play will be hard for beginners. If you have a local friend, that will ease the pain.

Overall: 8/10. I’d recommend it now that the issues are fixed if you can find a sale on it.

Real Things Video Games Teach You: Monster Hunter


Observation and pattern identification. ~Monster Hunter

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