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Are you benefiting from your gaming?

game-controllerVideo games are a multi-billion dollar a year industry. From top tier AAA titles varying from shooters to rpgs, to the niche indie games in between. They all add up in content. But, they do a great deal more than that for their players.

Did you know that video games have been responsible for improving the creative arts and your own creativity? They have and are doing just that.

Since video games have reached the mass appeal, and affordable realm through mostly consoles, every other kid has had some level of access to them. They’ve evolved over the years from simple objective based games that revolve around navigating puzzles and several tiered stages to something more.

Story. Games have gone from straightforward shooters or scrolling maps to fully fleshed out worlds driven by characters and series of events. They now revolve around making choices, brilliant narrative and building upon a series of choices. This evolution in gaming has coincided with the growth of an entire generation that has learned to coordinate complex strategies, weigh choices and consequences as well as learn about writing.

As an author myself, I cannot impress the importance of those things enough. Video games a the perfect medium in between the silver screen, and written prose. They balance the visual appeal of movies/television with the evocative writing. Growing up playing them has contributed both to my love in writing as well as a good chunk of my progress.

Video games are now led by creative times of writers and storyboarders trying to create the perfect narrative pacing, lovable (or detested) characters, and mind-blowing settings. They aim to suck you in and keep you immersed in a new world or worlds. That is an art form, one, many other creators are now learning from.

With the evolution of video games has come a new culture of artists making fan art. They’re not only sharing their passion for the games and their art, they are improving their own skills by practicing upon using another creation. It’s a world where art is begetting art. It’s leading to pop up successes of professional costumers (cosplayers) making a living and name dressing up as their favorite characters. Video games are pushing the creative community to new heights.

I’ve personally improved my literary fiction techniques by playing games. When you’re in depth behind a character forced to making gripping choices with even larger consequences, you quickly learn how to write characters people want to root for, cry over, and even hate should it come to it. You learn to elicit emotions.

Video games aren’t only visual eye candy. They are interactive art that helps people feel, and grow as people, and artists. You can’t really put a price on that. But if you could, it’d likely come in around $59.99.

This is the first piece of many to come about the evolving culture of video games and their positive impact on people.


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