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Monster Madness Online Starts Second Public Pre-Alpha

Monster-Madness-OnlineGainesville, FL – February 7, 2014 – Nom Nom Games, a newly formed indie subsidiary of Trendy Entertainment, today launched its second public pre-Alpha play session of Monster Madness Online. Players can jump into the fray now at to experience the many thrilling updates such as a new story mission, enemies, items, play modes, and crafting abilities, among others. Set in the popular Monster Madness universe, this new action RPG shooter is in development by the masterminds behind the highly acclaimed Dungeon Defenders.
“We are looking forward to players checking out the new content and providing us valuable feedback from this next phase,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, director at Nom Nom Games. “Our development structure is designed to receive information from players and quickly implement it, providing a new level of transparency between our team and our fans. These early play sessions provide just a taste of many more exciting things to come.”
In development for seamless cross-platform gameplay across PC, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS and web browser, the Monster Madness Online pre-Alpha 2 release incorporates the following new content and features:
  • The First Campaign Story Mission – Entitled ‘Sewer Sharkz’ the mission features puzzles, bosses, physical challenges, and exclusive rewards!
  • Crafting & Upgrading – Collect blueprints, crafting materials and modifier gems, and then use them to construct gear. Upgrade your Gear & Pets with more materials to improve their stats.
  • Spells – Apply Spell Amulets onto your gear to grant powerful offensive & defensive magic abilities!
  • Barry’s Clubhouse Shop is Now Open – Stop here to buy and sell items using monster tokens. Be careful though, Barry sure loves him some monster cash!
  • New Consumable Items – Fans can check out and experiment with Holo-Buddies, Gravity Mines, Root Beer Hats, The Nuke, and more.
  • New Difficulty and Hardcore-Permadeath Modes – Tailor your skill level – the tougher the challenge, the better the loot.
  • New Weapons, Cosmetic Costumes, Expressions, Item Skins, Attachments, and Pets!
Monster Madness Online is an action RPG shooter set in Suburbia City where citizens are caught totally unprepared for the Martian invasion. The kids of Monster Madness Online — Zack Fowler (the Nerd), Andy Gomez (the Skater dude), Jennifer Sweeney (the Cheerleader), and Carrie Rosenberg (the Goth) — are on a mission to beat back this insidious invasion, block by block, and then take the fight to the enemy’s mother ship and beyond. It’s time to team up, gear out, craft some weapons, and get hunting!
Monster Madness Online features 4-player co-op campaign missions, survival mode, and competitive PvP with 16 player battlegrounds. The game offers deep customization options, enabling gamers to create truly distinct characters then upgrade them with weapons and gear, customize their character classes, and allow them to train pets which will assist in combat.
Monster Madness Online is set for full game release summer 2014 across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Web Browser, and Steam. For in-depth Monster Madness Online information, please visit, ‘Like’ the game on Facebook, and follow the development team @MonMadOnline.

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The First Games to be Tracked

We’re guessing you’ve been wondering what games will we be tracking. And while we will track games that are currently being tracked on other sites, we want to track a lot of games that haven’t been touched yet as well.

So to start things off, we decided the first tracks we will be working for will be for Zen Pinball and Zen Pinball 2, which is across all the consoles as well as iPad/iPhone and is about to be out on the WiiU and 3DS.

Zen Pinball currently has 13 tables available for purchase – some are not available on all platforms just yet, but will be – and the tables, like most pinball games on consoles the game is free, but tables have to be purchased.

Rules for the tables are currently being looked at by staff and written up – and being cross verified on the multiple platforms. This is just a teaser of what’s to come.

Other game’s we’re reviewing and and writing up tracks to include:

  • Forza Horizon
  • Rock Band Blitz
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Super Mario Bros. U
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Angry Birds
  • Just Dance 4
  • Dance Central 4
We want to hear your feedback on what we’re doing, what games we’re adding, and our progress.  We also want to hear about what you want to see from us.  Please feel free to ask questions and leave feedback on the forums and Facebook.

About VGSAdmin

VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.


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