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KickStart This: July 8, 2013 Edition

kickstarterSome of us are probably still recovering from the holiday weekend – at least if you’re in the United States you may still be recovering.  And even though we’re recovering, what better way to recover than to take a look at some new crowdsourced projects – some of which need our attention, others of which are way past successfully funded but could be made better with more funding.

Just like last week, we’ll take a quick look at the KickStarter Projects mentioned in our previous articles to see how they are doing funding wise before we look at this week’s projects.

Project Standings as of July 8, 2013

  • The Question Block Lamp by 8-Bit Lit is at $89,169 of a $100,000 goal.  This Kickstarter has 10 days to go to reach their goal.  It looks like this project could use a little extra push to help them achieve their goal.  Check out their project here:
  • The Long Road – A Documentary About Following Your Passions failed to achieve funding.  🙁
  • Frontiers has 8 days to go, but has already reached it’s initial goal of $50,000.  Current amount funded is $99,437 with the next stretch goal unlocking at $100,000.
  • Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade is now at $206,335 of $60,000 needed – with less than a day to go.  I’ll be honest, I ended up backing this project to get a hard copy of the book.  It will be a $35 well invested.
  • LFG and The Fork of Truth is at $154,466 of $600,000 to reach their initial goal.  With only 11 days to go, they too could use a push for funding.  Check out the project here:
  • Cthulu Wars was very successfully funded, achieving a crowdsourced final of $1,403,981, achieving 3,509% of the goal.  The funding goal was only $40,000.  There are a ton of Cthulu fans out there apparently!

Now to look at other gaming related projects needing funding.  This week we look at four projects:  a computer game that will have all card games on it, a documentary on a classic game studio, a program that will let you design games on Linux for Linux, and a comic that pits gamers against zombies.

1.  The Lotus Project on IndieGoGo

lotus-projectThis project has a relatively short time to go, but is also already fully funded.  With less than 14 hours remaining, Lotus Project has already achieved $4,903 of $1500 needed.

The project is defined as providing “every card game you’ve played in a single client.”  It goes on to define that it’s for any game from poker to Go Fish in what is touted as a free client for people to play games with others online.

Funding for this project goes towards design, hosting and server costs.

This project has also reached all of its stretch goals, including the final stretch goal of $3,500 which will allow for European Servers as well as tournament and draft support.

Even though this project is fully funded, like many crowdsourced projects, the more money they receive, the better the end product will be.  Check it out here:

2.  The History of Sierra On-Line Through a Documentary by Molotov Angel Productions

If you were a child of the 80s, or even just an early gamer with access to a computer and some games, these titles might mean something to you.

  • King’s Quest
  • Space Quest
  • Police Quest
  • Quest for Glory
  • Leisure Suit Larry
  • Gabriel Knight
  • Phantasmagoria

heroes-the-history-of-Sierra-on-lineIf not, you are missing out on some great, classic games.  And this documentary, “Heroes, The History of Sierra On-Line,”  is going to explore the people and the stories behind the company responsible for bringing countless hours of entertainment to millions around the world and laying the foundation for video games as we know them today.

This KickStarter needs $125,000 to be successful.  Currently it only has $10,427 raised and 28 days to go.

The producer behind the project explains that the funding goes to the following post-production elements:

  • Editing of film and creation of official theatrical trailer
  • Creation of original artwork and graphics for the film
  • Licensing fees for copyright music that comprise the film soundtrack
  • Development of the original score for the film
  • Marketing of the film to generate awareness
  • Costs associated with submission to film festivals

All reasonable expenses for a documentary.  If you fondly remember your Sierra On-Line Games and want to support this documentary project, check it out here:

3. Leadwerks: Build Linux Games on Linux by Josh Klint

leadwerksLinux is becoming more and more popular, not just for servers, but for regular people using it as an alternative operating system to Windows and Mac.  With Valve announce that it’s popular game platform, Steam, will be coming to Linux, it only makes sense for more developers to want to be able to program games for Linux.

That is exactly what Leadwerks promises to do – to allow you to create Linux games while on a Linux system.

With only 22 days to go, this project is bound to be a success as it is already at $18,651 of $20,000 needed to crowdsource this project.  If the project reaches a stretch goal of $26,000, they will improve the project to allow for games for the OUYA to developed through the program as well.

The team has a lot of perks for the project, including for $100 getting a copy of the software for Linux so you can start programming your own games in C++ and Lua.  Donate higher amounts and you could get versions of Leadwerks for your PC or Mac.

This is definitely an innovation in development of games for Linux.  Check it out and see if you want to contribute to its crowdfunding here:

4.  Gamers vs. Zombies issue 0 by Eureka! Comic Labs

gamers-vs-zombiesImagine you are a teenager in today’s world, trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with your friends with only the skills you’ve learned as a gamer.  That’s exactly the path this proposed comic book, created by Jason Mattingly, is going.

I would say that the comic interests me for the sake of it, but no, I’ll be honest, it interests me because one of the characters is named after me and the personality fits me too.  See description:

Grace is the self-appointed leader of the group. She represents Action. She doesn’t go looking for a fight, but she won’t back down either. One of her best talents is thinking under pressure, though the challenge is making her understand that her way is not always the best one.

In all honesty though, the premise of the comic really does interest me, the characters defined as they are helps add interest to it.

Sadly, this project started June 28 and has only raised $343 of the $7,200 goal they hope to achieve.  With 19 days remaining, they have a chance but could definitely use a boost in funding.

And of course, they also have stretch goals, starting at $17,000.

The downside of this project is that the text alone doesn’t tell you what the money raised will be going towards nor does the video, which makes me question why they need funding – and it may be the reason why they haven’t received much funding as of yet.

That being said, the artwork is amazing and the storyline sounds interesting, so if you have an interest in it, I encourage you to check it out and possibly support it.

Check out the project here:

This concludes this week’s KickStart This.  Check out the previous editions below:


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