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Tabletop Game Review: X-Wing Miniatures Game

x-wing-miniatures-gameTIE Fighters swarm from all sides.  You and your wingman seem hopelessly outnumbered. With a supply of concussion torpedoes and your trusty astromech droid, you steel your nerves and turn to face the Empire head-on.

The X-Wing Miniatures game brings all of the fast-paced action of space combat to your living room. Choosing to play as either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, players can outfit their ships with special pilots, equipment and upgrades. Fantasy Flights Games took space dogfighting to a  new level with easy to follow rules, a streamlined combat dice system and starship miniatures crafted and painted in stunning detail. With new missions and expansions, each fight offers an opportunity to develop new strategies and tactics to defeat your opponent.

Getting started is easy. Fantasy Flight made a quick start guide that lets you jump right into the action with a basic rule structure. For the more experienced board gamer, there is an advanced rule set which delivers a whole new level of gameplay. A wide assortment of ships, pilots, upgrades and droids will delight any Star Wars fan including the Slave 1, Millennium Falcon and more.

After the game, you can display your miniatures as little works of art.

Not since Settlers of Catan has a tabletop game kept me this entertained and at around $40.00 for the starter set, it’s a ton of fun for a little price. I highly recommend this for either the Star Wars fan or tabletop enthusiast.


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