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Then and Now: Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

pokemon-fire-redLately, there has been a lot of buzz going around the Pokemon circles. This has been accentuated by the release of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (and Green in Japan) for the Virtual Console. Sales have been good, but the bigger question remains: Why did they choose to do the original releases, which might have a lot of interaction problems, instead of the remake of Fire Red/Leaf Green they created in 2004.

In 2004, the Game Boy Advance was in its peak. A lot of older games were being remade. After the success of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and the failure of the E-Reader cards to put new items into games, Nintendo decided to remake Red and Green into two SNES-style adventures, Fire Red and Leaf Green. They updated the entire system of the game into the 3rd Generation Engine, and made some balance adjustments and changed Technical Machines and Hidden Machines.

I am puzzled as to why they chose the originals over the remakes for a few reasons. One is the engine is more compatible with the newer generation games than the originals. Two, it just looks and plays better than the originals. Third, there were balance adjustments made so everyone can play it. You are no longer stonewalled at Brock and Misty using Charizard in Fire Red and Leaf Green, being able to pick up Mankey and other adjustments to make the beginning of the game go smoother. Finally, they would have to rewrite the entire network code to be able to release Red/Blue/Yellow again. The code is pretty much there and compatible with Fire Red and Leaf Green. Pokemon_LeafGreen_boxThey just need to write two lines of code and bang, they have it. Also, they wouldn’t have to deal with the MissingNo Glitch and the Mew Glitch, both of which have been heavily exploited, streamed, and everything else. If they had used Fire Red/Leaf Green, there would be none of this.

I find it very puzzling why they went with the originals over the remakes in this instance. I thought the remakes were far better, far better balanced, and easier to convert to the new engine.

While I enjoyed Pokemon Yellow on the 3DS, I did find it clunky and wish I was playing the 3rd Generation remakes. I did a stream on Fire Red/Leaf Green recently, it drew audiences well and brought back memories. I hope the games don’t fade to obscurity.

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