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October 2013 Gamer of the Month Profile: Dave Vogt

Dave-VogtDave Vogt, gamer and indie developer, was our second Gamer of the Month, competing on Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved for our October competition.  Many gamers know Dave from multiple gaming sites, including but not limited to Twin Galaxies, Retroids and Gaming World Wide, which he works for as well.

An all around good guy and gamer, I had the privilege to meet Dave back in November of 2011.   I appreciate his willingness to complete this interview and the time it took to answer the questions to allow us a little more insight into his world.  We will be doing a follow up developer interview with him regarding his game, The Bounty.

Name: David Vogt

Nickname: LudicrousDa3ve

Non Gaming History:

Where do I start? I’ve been an odd mix of introverted, while close to people. Mostly family and a handful of close friends- but that grew outward as I got older and it was pretty much necessary to be more public oriented. Well, as a kid I really spent a lot of time out playing with friends, exploring and whatnot. A good deal of reading… actually was into a lot of nerdy stuff. Along with being an honor roll student, it led to some having some odd impressions of me. Not always positive. My really big interests- besides video games, of course- were martial arts and music.

We’ll condense the rest. I learned and adapted several styles of martial arts; eventually taught in a studio for a bit. I wanted to compete… but I learned fairly quickly that while I was really good at hurting people, I hated doing so. Music took over at that point. With the help of some really fantastic friends, I taught myself how to play guitar, picked up some music theory, and went off. I played in a few bands, the last of which being Ununbiun which I played with until mid 2006. I still play and write- some of that work has been recently adapted to work in my indie RPG, The Bounty.

Gaming History:

My parents were already gaming buffs- so I was born into it on that last day of ’79. My first full sentence-according to them- was “Mommy play Oh Shit”… “Oh Shit” being what I thought Defender was called. From Atari to Colecovision to NES and onward; games were a huge binding part of my life, with family, friends, and my own intellectual development. I got into and appreciated pretty much all of it; and besides a year or so of holding up the flag of the SNES, have been a fully nondiscriminatory multiplatform guy, too.

Throughout it all, I’ve been a pretty strong player. However, that didn’t really equate to being competitive. I played competitive games, especially fighters and Quake- but I didn’t really play competitively until 2008. Even now, I see it as more “me vs. me” than I do as myself against other players. Just a mindset.

I’m overall more about experiencing the medium as artistic expression- and the wide range that is available. There have been those landmark titles- Zelda, Doom, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy IV (II US), Metroid Prime, Diablo, Shining Force… y’know, the big favorites? But it’s the weird stuff that rounds you out. I’ve always loved hunting down and discovering the lesser-known games.

This broad spectrum has had it’s influence in my drive to develop games. Besides the score chasing RPG “The Bounty” that’s in development now, I have about half a dozen games existing as design documents or scraps of demos- all in a variety of genres, styles, and design philosophies.

legend-of-zeldaFavorite Classic Game:

There are SO many that could go here, but it has to be The Legend of Zelda. Nothing has ever replicated that feeling of wonder that I felt the first time played it; hell, even looking at the box, booklet, and gold cartridge on the way home from the mall that day was pretty damned mystifying. It has influenced all of gaming- including my own design work. The best part might be that after all these years- it’s still satisfying to play.

Favorite Modern Game:

I’m tempted to say Geometry Wars: Galaxies or The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword. In fact, if I had to name “the greatest game of all time”, it’d be Skyward Sword. But for personal favorite game of right now, I’ll call Zombi U! It’s a first person survival horror with rogue-like tendencies; it does so much, has an intensely oppressive atmosphere, and truly pushes the envelope in immersion, thanks to it’s synergy with the Wii U’s suite of controls. There is nothing else quite like it.

wii-uFavorite Platform:

I love ’em all, but the top dog is Wii U. It’s modern, multifaceted, and plays home to amazing new content… including Nintendo’s, of course. Add in backwards compatibility and the Virtual Console, and you have access to huge amounts of games from several different platforms spanning over thirty years. It’s beautiful.

Why do you game?

I play to compete. I play to experience the artistic expression of others. I play to express myself. I play to unwind, and I even play to have fun.

Is there a gamer or personality that inspires you to achieve your gaming goals? If so, who is it and why?

I get inspired by pretty much everybody. For a less broad answer, if you strip everything all the way back, it’s my late mother. Obviously, she had a huge influence on my personal development. But, she was the first person I knew to really kick ass at games; and the first world record worthy game I ever witnessed was her maxing out Zanac on NES.

What was the first world record you set – with any entity? How did that make you feel? Why was that game the first game you set a record on and did that affect the scores you chase today?

geometry-wars-galaxiesThe first one was actually was the first galaxy in Geometry Wars: Galaxies with Twin Galaxies(say that ten times fast!)- though it was on a tape with multiple scores, so the first might technically be Wario Ware! I shot for Geometry Wars because, after seeing King of Kong, I thought “that might be a cool way to push myself… now which arcade game suits me”. The answer was Robotron, but since Geometry Wars is similar and I enjoy it far more, the arcade idea was dropped and it was the choice. It was a great feeling; but the thrill of victory is fleeting. It’s the process that I loved, which keeps me going and pushing into different categories and experiences.

What is your favorite record that you’ve set? Why?

Doom. More specifically, speedrunning Episode 3: Inferno. I’ve been a gigantic Doom fan since the day I saw a preview in a PC gaming mag. I’ve beaten the entire series many times on many different platforms, but to break it by speedrunning was a different experience.

What records are you looking to set in the next year? What challenges do you see for setting those records, if any?

extra-life-2014There aren’t many I have in mind, really. Besides some oddball games like Gain Ground, the only big one planned is to top my 50 hour fighting game marathon record. It’ll be a part of Extra-Life 2014 for Children’s Hospitals. The goal is 75 hours this time. The hard part is keeping the body from giving out… but if I can manage to have enough external stimuli (conversations, etc) then it should be possible.

You were Gamer of the Month for October on the game Geometry Wars. What was the hardest part about that challenge for you? If you could have done something different, what would it have been?

Well, the hard part was realizing that my GeoWars skills had atrophied so badly! It took a day or so to knock the rust off.


If you could say one thing to inspire future gamers wanting to set world records, what would it be?

Setting world records is a surprisingly difficult process. It’s also surprisingly rewarding, and revealing. You get to know yourself better, and improve on your weaknesses.

Any other comments, thank yous, or anything else?

Go for it. Set a score. It’s fun, it’s hard, and you’ll be glad you did.

I want to thank Walter Day and Twin Galaxies for getting the ball rolling on this whole crazy thing all those years ago. I want to thank Grace Snoke and Video Game Scoreboard, Trickman Terry and Ken Williams from Retroids, Josh Jones and Recordsetter- everybody who is doing their part in pushing competition. Huge thanks to everyone who competes, has competed, or will. We sharpen each other.

About Grace "Kayhynn" Snoke

Grace Snoke is a corporate journalist and author who enjoys gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making. Outside of her day job, she writes for a number of sites including: Video Game, Obsolete Gamer, SciTech Nerds and for a couple blogs and sites she owns. You can learn more about her adventures as an author here.

October Gamer of the Month Goes To…

vgs-october-gamer-of-the-month-geometry-warsThanks to those who participated, and attempted to participate but were caught up by technical difficulties, in our October Gamer of the Month contest.  We had two official entries – one from Dave Vogt of Gaming World Wide and the other from Michael Sroka, creator of the new podcast Settle it on the Screen – for the contest, but only one Gamer of the Month.

Congratulations to Dave Vogt for setting the first place record via the Wii with a score of 363,025.

Second place goes to Michael Sroka via Xbox 360 with a score of 102,930.

Good job to both of them and congrats to David for being named Video Game Scoreboard’s Gamer of the Month for October.

The 5-minute Retro-Evolved Challenge will be added as a permanent track to our scoreboard.  If you think you can beat either David’s on the Wii or Michael’s on the Xbox 360, we encourage you to do so.

November’s Gamer of the Month Challenge can be found here.

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KickStart This: Week of Nov. 11

kickstarterWelcome to this week’s edition of KickStart This. Last week was overwhelming with other deadlines and I just didn’t’ get a chance to write this up – I can’t tell you how many times I opened up the document to start then got pulled to a differen project.

There are a lot of interesting projects out there, whether they be video game documentaries, video games themselves or hardware, there’s a lot of projects to chose from. As always, we thank folks who have taken time to email us about their projects and even more thanks to those who have agreed to do interviews with us which should appear in the near future.

Before we go into the projects we’re going to look at this week, let’s recap the projects that were still in progress as of last week and where they are in their fundraising endeavors.

Project Standings as of Nov. 11, 2013

  • Funding for Beyond Eyes by Sherida Halatoe has ended and raised a total of 4.745€ of the 10.000€ needed to fund the project. This was a flexible funding project, which meant the developer received all funds raised, even if they didn’t meet their goal. If you are curious about the project, you can sitll check it out here:
  • castAR: the most versatile AR & VR system by Technical Illusions has, unsurprisingly met and exceeded its goal a few days after launching the Kickstarter. The project has raised more than $792,000 and continues to grow. This system has a lot of potential to change the way we game and I look forward to seeing what they produce. With 3 days remaining, you might consider chipping in a a bit to help the project go further. Two of the three stretch goals have been met, the third one unlocks at $800,000 raised. The third stretch goal will add earbuds and an integrated mic for positional audio and team-based communications. Check it out here:
  • Indie Van Game Jam by Binary Solo failed to reach their funding goal via KicKStarter, so they have launched it again, but through their website, and are already 28.8% funded. Check out what they’re up to – building games from a van while doing a webseries on other Indie Development Studios – and perhaps contributing to their project to make it successful.
  • Star Realms Deckbuilding Game by Robert Dougherty has met and exceeded it’s initial goal of $20,000 to fund the project. When the project concluded Nov. 2, a total of $51,481 was raised. Congrats to Robert Dougherty and the folks behind Star Realms!
  • World 1-1 by Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez also reached and exceeded their goal of $15,000, raising $15,539 by the time the funding period concluded Nov. 6. Check out what they’re working on and the first in the documentary series here:
  • RETRO: The Multi-Format, Throw-Back Video Game Magazine by Mike Kennedy also finished Nov. 3 and exceeded its funding goal of $50,000. By close of fundraising, the project achieved $75,759 towards the magazine. If you’re interested in what the project was about, you can learn more about it here:
  • Obduction by Cyan, Inc., is steadily heading toward its goal of $1 million raised, currently sitting at more than $933,000. With 4 days to go, I really hope the creators of Myst and Riven will achieve their goal, but people should still consider contributing to this awesome game. For as little as a $25 contribution, you get a digital copy of the game as well as access to private forums and other little perks. For as much as $4,500 you can attend the launch party at Cyan’s HQ. There are, of course, a bunch of perks for contributing between those two amounts, but those seemed the most interesting – at least to me. Check it out and see what appeals to you and consider contributing in the final days of the project. Every contribution counts:
  • Red Baron by Mad Otter Games seems to be hurting in the fundraising departments, having only raised a little more than $37,000 of the $250,000 goal. With only 10 days to go, it may be difficult to raise the funds needed to make this project successful. Remember, for as little as $15 you get a digital copy of the game and other digital perks. For $45 you get the game, digital perks AND access to the game during Alpha testing. For $500, you will receive: FOUR COPIES of the Red Baron game; digital download wallpapers and art book, TEN limited edition insignia’s, TEN limited edition skins, alpha access, classic Red Baron pack, every standard plane skin, a signed Red Baron poster of your choice, and YOUR NAME in the credits as a supporter. There are many other perks available for various contribution levels as well, so be sure to check it out here:
  • Spark Rising–Build. Battle. Conquer. by Wicked Loot not only met, but exceeded its goal of $17,000 – raising a total of $21, 037. Congrats to their team!
  • Steam Works Video Game by Steam Works looks to be struggling extremely bad, needing to raise $150,000 and having only raised $13,180. With three days to go, the likelihood of this project reaching funding goal is slim. However, if you are interested in trying to make it succeed, for as little as a $15 contribution, you can receive a digital downloadable copy of Steam Works for XBOX1, XBOX360 PS4 or PC. This limited price point is only available for the first backers of Steam Works. There are many other pledge levels from $15 all the way to $10,000 all of which contain copies of the game in addition to other perks for the respective contribution levels. Check it out here:
  • You Are Not the Hero by Donn Manalili has done extremely well with funding, having raised $81,412 – exceeding their goal of $12,001 by more than $69,000. With less than 24 hours to go, it won’t be surprising if this game gets more funds before close. Check it out and see if you want to help it reach more stretch goals:

This week we have five projects to talk about, including one that brings the Virtual World of Jane Austen to us as an MMO, a project that gives “real rewards” for digital achievements in games, a cool, game-oriented flask, another MMORPG kickstarter project that was cancelled but relaunching, and a game that will remind you of Geometry Wars and Robotron 2084.

ever-jane  1. Ever, Jane: The Virtual World of Jane Austen by Judy L. Tyrer

I’ve read Pride and Prejudice and…well that’s mostly it. But a lot of my friends who are authors really enjoy her works, so I’m not surprised that someone wants to create a game based on Jane Austen’s world and the concept is actually kinda neat. And those friends are how I heard about this project via Facebook.

As described in the About Section: “Ever, Jane is a virtual world that allows people to role-play in Regency Period England. Similar to traditional role playing games, we advance our character through experience, but that is where the similarities end. Ever, Jane is about playing the actual character in the game, building stories. Our quests are derived from player’s actions and stories. And we gossip rather than swords and magic to demolish our enemies and aid our friends.”

A prototype is downloadable for play for anyone who is wanting to see more in depth what they have going on.

This project is looking to raise $100,000. It has raised $42,520 in 11 days and has 19 days to go.

Like most projects, there’s a decent variety of contribution levels with matching perks. For $1 you get a perk in game. For $5 you get access to early beta. For $10 you get access to the game during development and for $15 you get the same but also a dress with added stats. The perks only go up from there, all the way to $10,000.

If you are a fan of Jane Austen, this game may appeal to you as well. Check it out here:

honored-logo2. Honored – Real Rewards for Digital Achievements

The team at Honored wants to provide physical merchandise to dedicated gamers for the achievements already earned in game. They launched this IndieGoGo project to raise funds to launch their beta of the project. Their goal is to raise $25,000 and have already raised $3,241 with 27 days remaining in the project.

Like other IndieGoGo projects, Honored is a Flexible Funding project, meaning the team gets all the funds raised, minus fees,

This was brought to my attention by one of my Facebook friends who’s into gaming and also into Cosplay as an idea that this would be a cool way to exhibit in game achievements in the real world where friends and fellow gamers could see it. I think my son and others might dig it too so I figured I’d look into it a bit more for one of these articles.

What I read was the following description:

Honored is a system designed to preserve your gaming achievements across your favorite systems and consoles. We combine all your records into one archive where you can look back on your conquests, gloat about the present, and plan ahead for future games and consoles.

Honored also motivates you to complete the games you already own by offering meta-achievements, recognition unique to Honored for completionists who leave no stone unturned and every bad guy eviscerated.

Lastly, the best part about being among the Honored: badges.

What caught my eye was the last part. Badges. Theses are embroidered badges/patches you could add to a special piece of clothing for various achievements. Kinda like the ones you could add to your letter jacket in high school – but for nerdier achievements now.

Minimum contribution level is $5 with respective level perks for contributing. Contribution levels and perks come at many reasonable intervals, ranging all the way up to $10,000. So if you think this is something you may be interested in, consider contributing – and know that whatever you contribute is going to go to them working on this project.

ink-whiskey3. Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask by Ink Whiskey LLC

This is another one of those that came across my Facebook feed and perked my interest. I like flasks – especially unique flasks – and have ever since i started doing LARPs when I was 14. I’ve seen an interesting number of flasks and canteens but this would be the first true gaming cartridge flask I’ve ever seen.

The fact they’re using NES cartridges for it just made it even better.

So if you haven’t determined what this project is seeking funding for, let me go ahead and explain it to you. It’s to create a flask that holds your favorite beverage (liquor or non-alcoholic) of choice concealed as an NES cartridge. Note: while they show it being put in their back pocket, I wouldn’t recommend it!. The project has several “labels” available for the flasks – all parodies of popular NES Games – including Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Castlevania, etc.

Unlike many projects, this projects doesn’t have a breakdown of what the funds will be used for.

However, they’re only seeking to reasonable $12,000 and have raised, thus far, $6,935. With 11 days to go, it is likely they will reach their goal, but it never hurts to help them along their way. Anyone can contribute a dollar and be thanked for contributing. The next contribution amount is $15 and you get a flask with a “Drunk Hunt” label. There are several $20 contribution levels – each for a different label – so you can pick which label you want on your flask before it comes to you. For $50 you get a “gold” edition of the “Legend of Drink” flask – only available via Kickstarter. Other perks are available, up to $250. Though I have to say, $20 for a flask with label of your choice isn’t a bad deal at all.

If one of these perks interest you, check the project out here:

trials-of-ascenion-logo4. Trials of Ascension: A Truly Innovative MMORPG by Forged Chaos

Sadly from the time I started writing this article, till now (within the past two days) this project was cancelled. That’s sad news. The good news is the group behind is planning to regroup, reform and relaunch the Kickstarter later on. Since they are planning to do this, I figured I’d go ahead and talk about the game since it’s going to eventually be relaunched on KickStarter.

This reminds me of a modernized version of Ultima Online – a totally sandbox driven MMORPG. It promises to have crafting, a wide ranging skill system, innovations (where when you craft you have a chance to learn how to make something new), housing and more.

As it is a sandbox game, it means people can do almost anything they want – within the confines of the developed game environment of course. The website is very well designed and provides a lot of information as to what they want to do with the game.

Check out the cancelled Kickstarter and if you like what they’re wanting to do, keep an eye on their website to back them when the new project launches.

Print5. Archive: The Game by Misfit Children and Hypermetric Studios

This project came to me not only via email, but through a couple gamers as well who heard of it and were fans of Robotron and Geometry Wars.

This is the first game being produced by Misfit Children and Hypermetric Studios and is a top-down, dual-stick shooter similar to Robotron: 2084 or Geometry Wars but also incorporating a tower defense game with it. The game has been seen at several industry events, including PAX East, but now the team needs funds to add more content to the game and finish it.

They are looking to raise $20,000 CAD. The project launched Nov. 4 and has so far raised $1,365 CAD. With 30 days remaining in the project, it is possible for them to attain their goals if people contribute. Like some other IndieGoGo projects, this is a Flexible Funding project, meaning the team gets all the funds raised, minus fees, So even if they don’t reach their goal, they get helped by the funds.

What’s really awesome are their perks for contributions. For example, for the minimal contribution of $5 you are guaranteed a digital copy of the game on the platform of your choice. For $15 you get this game and another game from their sister development studio. Every perk is great and increases with contribution levels, all the way to $1,000 CAD.

If you are a fan of either Robotron: 2084 or Geometry Wars, consider contributing the minimum of $5 to get a copy of the game and make it a reality:

This concludes this week’s KickStart This. Check out the previous editions below:

Do you want to have your KickStarter promoted/reviewed on this site? Or do you know of a KickStarter or similar crowd-funding platform based project that is gaming related that you want promoted? Submit it to

About Grace "Kayhynn" Snoke

Grace Snoke is a corporate journalist and author who enjoys gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making. Outside of her day job, she writes for a number of sites including: Video Game, Obsolete Gamer, SciTech Nerds and for a couple blogs and sites she owns. You can learn more about her adventures as an author here.

Gamer of the Month: The October Geometry Challenge


Video Game Scoreboard is pleased to announce the third “Gamer of the Month” challenge – the October Geometry Challenge. Unfortunately, we received no entries for the August Gamer of the Month Challenge, even with the extended deadline, so there is no August/September Gamer of the Month.

The October Geometry Challenge is Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved – 5 minute score challenge on the Xbox 360 or Wii. Please see the rules below for an explanation and the break down.

The Rules:

  1. This month’s competition runs from today, Oct. 6 to Nov. 15, 2013. October winners will be announced in the second half of November, once all scores are verified and places tallied.
  2. Players must submit a recording of their 5 minute record score attempt on Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved via XBLA on the Xbox 360 or via Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved found on the Geometry Wars: Galaxies disc for Wii.
  3. Players may only compete on the Xbox 360 or Wii.  They may ONLY compete on Retro Evolved for this competition. Scores for this game will be added to our variation list under 5 minute challenge and tracked on both Wii and Xbox.  For the purpose of the competition, a combined scoreboard will show the ranks of all players competing together.
  4. Recording rules must be followed.
  5. Timer starts when the play button is hit. Score will be when 5  minute time has finished.
  6. Game ends and score is recorded when 5 minutes is up or when all lives are done, whichever comes first.
  7. Final Score is the score submitted for recording purposes.
  8. Players may submit in any of the ways we accept, however, if you are mailing submissions in, please be sure to have them postmarked no later than Nov. 10, 2013, so we can receive them in time for the Nov. 15 deadline.
  9. The October Geometry Challenge is this: Players get to see how high of a score they can set playing 5 minutes of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved or the max they get on the lives they have if they run out of lives before 5 minutes.


The Gamer of the Month will receive:

  • VGS T-Shirt
  • Interview for Gamer Profile
  • Named Gamer of the Month for that Month
  • Competes at end of year Gamer of the year Tournament

If you would like to stream your attempts, let us know and we will feature them on our forums.

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