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Tech Tuesdays: Stop Using Internet Explorer


Today’s advice: Stop using Internet Explorer.

Why?  IE is notoriously insecure, although it has gotten better recently.  It is still obnoxiously slow, especially if you have a website that uses Javascript.

So what should you use instead?  My go-to answer for that is Chrome.

Why Chrome?  It’s fast, tabs and windows are all separate processes, it’s fast, extensions let you prevent things that infect your PC, it’s fast, and did I mention it’s FAST?

Important extensions:  #1 most important extension is Adblock Plus.  Lots of malware comes from infected advertisements on otherwise clean webpages.  You could even be browsing a major site like CNN or and get infected by a piece of drive-by malware.  Adblock plus makes it so you don’t have to worry about this, and as a bonus, you don’t have to deal with obnoxious ads.  Now, most websites exist solely because of their ads, so please whitelist the sites that use ads properly and don’t use shady ad companies.  The ones that want to use annoying video ads that play sound?  Not so much.

Tech Tuesdays are editorial pieces of advice to help you with your gaming rigs/consoles.  These are intended to be weekly articles and may be written by any of our staff writers.


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