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Warcraft: Breaking Into New Mediums

Greetings One and All!

If you haven’t been living under too large of a rock, you know that Blizzard and Legendary¬†Pictures are releasing a Warcraft movie very soon. As a long time Blizzard fan, I am extremely excited to see what Duncan Jones can bring to Azeroth. Today’s trailer, and a follow up tweet by Jones, has resolved any doubts I have about the movie.

What I Liked

The character that spoke in the trailer all seem to have personality in their voices. The mixture of CGI and real actors is the best I’ve seen so far in an action/fantasy movie. The spell effects look amazing. DWARVES! THE DWARVES LOOK LIKE DWARVES FOR ONCE!

What I’m Concerned About

Garona. How is her character going to be handled? Will she be the bad ass she is in from the lore of the RTS or will they retcon the hell out of her? Why does it appear she and Lothar have a thing going when in lore she and Medivh have a child together in lore?

The music in the trailer is pretty epic, but it isn’t Warcraft. Duncan Jones has an answer for us though!

What I Hope For

The baddest ass fantasy movie I’ve seen in years. I deeply hope that this movie is a movie for the fans that invites the public into the world of Azeroth. Lets face it, declining subs and 14 months of Hellfire Citadel until Legion are stressing even the most faithful to stick things out.'

About Kyler

Greetings! I am an avid MMORPG player currently playing World of Warcraft as an Unholy Deathknight but plan to swap to a Demon Hunter in Legion. I love playing most RPG's, both video games and pen & paper, but I am willing to give any game a shot. In my spare time I am an amateur blacksmith currently relearning to make high quality knives.


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