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Catching Up on Sony’s H1Z1 Game

H1Z1-logoMany gamers may recall back in January that SOE’s John Smedley held a reddit Ask Me Anything where he answered a bunch of questions, but more importantly, promised “SWG PLAYERS – OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it… you can come home now.”

If you were a Star Wars Galaxies player, and like me, you were likely just as skeptical as I was of that rather bold statement he made in answer to “If you could relaunch a shutdown title which one would you pick and what would you do differently this time?”

Fast forward to the beginning of April and the podcast Game Talk Live where Smedley reveals their next game – H1Z1.

“H1Z1 is an MMO that allows players to take on the role of an apocalypse survivor who is in a world that is filled with zombies,” Smedley explained on Game Talk Live. “A world! Not just a little tiny server.”

I remember pausing for a moment after hearing that and shaking my head.  A zombie game is what SOE thinks will appeal to SWG Players and bring us “home”?  Seriously?  What?  Are our vehicles going to burn out and die halfway across the planet in BFE like they did in SWG?  Will our buildings take damage?  Yes, I get you’re going to be able to, as I paraphrase Smedly, “burn shit down” in the game – but I’d like to understand WHY they think this would appeal to SWG players.

Keep in mind, I’m about burned out on Zombies.  Zombies this, zombie that, zombies zombies zombies.  They are almost everywhere in every game.  If I wanted to play an apocalyptic game with zombies that I can create and build stuff in and have destroyed by zombies or physics, etc. I’d be playing 7 Days to Die – which is, sadly, what this game is starting to sound like.  Which means, no offense Sony, I’m not seeing -anything- new here.

All of that bitterness being said, I’m trying to keep an open mind about the MMO and the fact that it -may- appeal to SWG players.  I just can’t call it a “unique” game when I haven’t seen much of anything unique about the game.

Unless you fast forward to the post made late last night on the H1Z1 reddit channel regarding player servers:

Hello fellow Infected,

I’d like to announce a new feature for H1Z1. Player Servers. Similar to other games from SOE, H1Z1 is an MMO. We will launch with different rulesets and variants to cater to different playstyles.

We’re excited about taking our dedication to letting you get a say in our games to a whole new level with Player Servers.

The idea is simple – If a community of our players wants to host a server with a specific theme or ruleset then we’re going to do our best to give it to them. players will recieve a pledge token for free if they’ve played more than 5 hours. This pledge token can be used to cast a vote for a server. But use it wisely. You only get one free one per year. Make sure it’s a community you believe in and that has a good chance to succeed because we’re going to set the bar such that the community can sustain an MMO server (more details will be announced later). If you find yourself dying to vote on another server initiative we’ll also sell pledge tokens but you can only use 2 pledge tokens a year max. So again, it’s up to you but we want to make sure if we build it you’re coming. We’re also going to refund the station cash you used to buy it to your account if the Player Server Initiative succeeds. The Pledge token also comes with a wearable that’s going to look sweet.

Why refund it if it succeeds? Simple – we really want to give you the kind of servers you want. We’re going to set that bar high. If it succeeds, you’ve built a community of fellow players you want and as our customers we want to give you that. But we also need some indication of reality in order to make this work.

At SOE we’ve been doing a whole lot of asking our players what you think of our ideas. This is no exception. If you have better ones, we are all ears.

Hope you dig this.


 Even though this is quite interesting, it doesn’t really make a huge difference to the game yet, in my opinion.  I think they have to show HOW they’ll be different from every other FPS out there with zombies in it.

That being said, there were a lot of other interesting Q&A points in the announcement, including the following two tidbits.

[–]-nd123- 4 points 8 hours ago

Great idea! Can you clarify what’s happening with the store? (Items for sale for IRL money)

[–]j_smedley[S] 14 points 8 hours ago

we are absorbing what the community has said in the thread about monetization. There are ideas in there that have already changed minds. So the truth is we aren’t sure yet. We have an internal meeting on Monday to discuss the way forward and once we do we’ll announce it. It’s going to be something the community feels good about supporting or we just can’t do it. It doesn’t mean everyone is going to be 100% happy. But I hope we find a place where people feel good about it. That’s why we make games. To make people happy. Including ourselves 🙂

[–]LoneWolfrenegadeimp 3 points 7 hours ago

So let me get this right in my mind. We get to vote on server rules and a large community gets to host it and admin it? If this is right, are you worried about splitting the community up too much and having them spread over too many servers? If this is true then are you worried about over zealous admins?


Do you mean that we get to vote on different rule sets for servers and soe host and admin them?

The reason I ask is because the first scenario is a dangerous road to travel down.

[–]j_smedley[S] 5 points 5 hours ago

the latter. But it’s more than just rulesets. We’re going to put game features on that list too. It’s easy to do rulesets.. we’re talking about a system where entire features could be turned on or off. Or even requested of us.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Were you an SWG player? Does H1Z1 appeal to you on the level SWG appealed to you? Does it appeal to you for different reasons? Or does it not appeal to you at all? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your replies in the comments or on our forums/Facebook pages.

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