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Don’t Be Fooled

april-fools-day-wallpaper-11-1024x868Be sure to check your calendar before you freak out at the various good-natured pranks being pulled across the internet today – in fact, some started early on March 31.  This will be the first article released regarding pranks.  A second and third article may be in order throughout the day to mark the events in the gaming world for 2014.


First up on the list: Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge

Google Maps takes it to a whole new level.  You gotta catch them all and Google Maps will help you.  It is a fully functional prank, including a poke-ball in the search bar for iOS and Android Google Map Apps.  Oh!  And there’s a competition…but it ends April 2.

Either way, it’s a cute, fun little prank for Google.  Check it out.

Nintendo is Pulling the Pranks This Year

virtual_ds_set-566x720So far I’ve seen three pranks related to Nintendo come across my news feeds, in no particular order:

Stratics Purchased by Facebook

Obviously a spoof of Facebook buying Occulus VR – though I’m sure if someone with enough money and good intentions wanted to purchase a company and offered a decent sum – even Facebook – I’m sure they might go for it.

Either way, it was good for a laugh – you can find it here:

Samsung-Fingers_Header-ImageRemember the Power Glove  HTC’s Gluuv is next.

Yes, even smart phone companies are in on the pranks.  You have the HTC Gluuv which looks like a modern version of the Nintendo Power Glove except that it promises holograms.  Check out the prank here:

Samsung is in on it too With Samsung Fingers

This one gives a whole new meaning to “Talk to the Hand” with the way it’s designed.  Much like the HTC Gluuv above, it’s designed to use your hand to communicate with the world.  Check it out here:

That’s it for our first update of the day.  Check back for the future updates.

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