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Updated Scoreboard: New, Improved, Searchable and More

vgs-article-rotation2-650-updateVideo Game Scoreboard is excited to announce the first iteration of our scoreboards which are not only searchable and sort-able, but also broken into individual scoreboards by platform.

The main scoreboard, which contains all scores verified since the beginning of Video Game Scoreboard can be found here:

This system is much easier to update and will be updated as scores are verified. If you bookmark the page or don’t close out the page on a regular basis, you may want to refresh this page or other scoreboard pages to get the most current scores.

To search the scoreboard, click in the white space below the save options and type in search term. You can search by game name, player’s name or variation. It will auto-filter as you type. If you search in the main website search engine it will not work as the scoreboard databases and the website database are separate entities.

Each scoreboard is sortable by any of the columns seen below. To sort, just click on the column you wish to sort by and it will sort them from there.

To see the most recent scores, click on the far right column twice. The first click sorts it from oldest to newest, second click will make it sort from newest to oldest. You can access the individual scoreboards by clicking on the links below, or by clicking on the links found below each scoreboard.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  We know that the text needs some tweaking color wise and that’s next on our list of improvements within the week.  If we verified a score and it is missing, please let us know and we’ll track it down and get it into the new system.

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And the November Gamer of the Month Is…

november-gamer-of-the-month-challenge-winnerBefore we announce the November Gamer of the Month, we would like to offer a small apology regarding the fact that this wasn’t posted at the end of December.   There were some recording difficulties for the single submitter to the contest and after some internal discussion, it was decided that if she could replicate the score within 20% of the final score shown on her original submission, the original submission would be deemed valid.

That being said, congratulations to Katie Cho who achieved a score of 770,400 by playing Dr. Mario on the hardest setting with one life on the Nintendo 64.

As Video Game Scoreboard’s Gamer of the Month, Katie receives:

  • VGS T-Shirt
  • Interview for Gamer Profile
  • Named Gamer of the Month for that Month
  • Competes at end of year Gamer of the year Tournament (postponed till end of 2014).

Interested in being a gamer of the month?  The February Winter Challenge ends March 15 and the March Giga Challenge ends April 15, so there is still time to participate.  Best of luck!

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VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.

October Gamer of the Month Goes To…

vgs-october-gamer-of-the-month-geometry-warsThanks to those who participated, and attempted to participate but were caught up by technical difficulties, in our October Gamer of the Month contest.  We had two official entries – one from Dave Vogt of Gaming World Wide and the other from Michael Sroka, creator of the new podcast Settle it on the Screen – for the contest, but only one Gamer of the Month.

Congratulations to Dave Vogt for setting the first place record via the Wii with a score of 363,025.

Second place goes to Michael Sroka via Xbox 360 with a score of 102,930.

Good job to both of them and congrats to David for being named Video Game Scoreboard’s Gamer of the Month for October.

The 5-minute Retro-Evolved Challenge will be added as a permanent track to our scoreboard.  If you think you can beat either David’s on the Wii or Michael’s on the Xbox 360, we encourage you to do so.

November’s Gamer of the Month Challenge can be found here.

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VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.

Skydive: Proximity Flight Review: Where Eagles Dare

skydive-logoDeveloper: Gaijin Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre: Extreme Sport

Skydive: Proximity Flight is an extreme sport, motion-control game about wingsuit BASE jumping. If you’re not familiar with the concept of wingsuit flying, you might be more familiar with the extreme and rather silly example of the Wile E. Coyote batsuit. Except it actually functions properly here.
Skydive is built around two primary activities; going as fast and as dangerously as possible, and pulling off tricks that would very likely result in your death. These two tasks are where the majority of the appeal of this title comes from, and it pulls it off surprisingly very well.

The game comes with a handful of modes which include Challenges (following a set path and hitting check points, score attacks, and pulling off stunts), Adrenaline Race (four courses where your only goal is to beat other racers down the path), and Freestyle (do what you like, and not get smeared across the countryside in the process). Although there are only a handful of courses and modes, the game makes up for this by giving you a lot of different options to meet your diving style. There are 14 different skydivers to choose from, each with their own unique attributes. Most are pretty serious, but there’s a few fun ones thrown in just for laughs, such as a flying squirrel and Dracula.

skydive1When it comes to getting your adrenal rush, Skydive does NOT disappoint. The game is fast and furious, and you’ll find yourself needle threading, flipping, and barrel rolling like a pro in no time. Having as much control as possible is the name of the game in this title, and Gaijin makes absolutely sure that you have every possible option under the sun available to you. The expected way to play the title is with two PlayStation Move motion controllers (simulating each of your wings), but for those who can’t or won’t play with motion based games, Gaijin has you covered. Your additional options include playing with the built in SixAxis controls (which I do NOT recommend), or going with strict analog control. Personally, I enjoyed being able to pull out my Move wands and was having an absolute BLAST. Unfortunately, SkyDive suffers the same fate that many other Move controlled games do with constant calibration required to maintain accuracy. Although incredibly finicky, when the calibration is consistent, the game responds incredibly well and is definitely on my list of top motion games ever made.

Gaijin has pulled off some rather interesting tricks in the visuals department, which is notable purely becasue of the speed at which you’ll be playing. If you’re playing Adrenaline Races properly, you’re going to be hauling down most of the courses as fast as you possibly can, and yet every breathtaking landscape is perfectly crisp and in view. As you go through each course, you can tell that extra care and attention was taken to make sure that each landscape was unique onto itself, and no two courses are the same (although there are admittedly few of them).

skydive2In the sound department is where this review starts to take a turn for the worse. The 90’s brand high-octane guitar style music drove me crazy. The second you fire up the game, it’s in your face and the music NEVER STOPS. For a game like this, being able to load your own custom soundtracks would have been an incredible boon. Other audio in the game is adequate, giving you the typical bells and whistles, nothing more and nothing less.

Finally, for us trophy hunting types, Gaijin again has you covered. Pulling in 51 trophies in total, you’re going to at least have FUN attempting to get them all. And unlike quite a few other games where getting a single trophy can take you hours upon hours, Gaijin really just rewards you for experiencing everything their title has to offer. I had a surprisingly good time with Skydive: Proximity Flight. It gave me a great reason to pull my Move wands out again, but I’m not too sure that the $19.99 asking price is justifiable. Perhaps if pulled down to a slightly more reasonable price range, this title could really take off and fly.


Gameplay – 9/10
Even as a game with limited play options, what is there is almost criminal amounts of fun.

Graphics – 8/10
The vistas are ridiculously gorgeous and even at the speeds you’re traveling, they’re always visible and you might even find yourself distracted more than once trying to take them in.

Sound – 5/10
Kill me please. I wasn’t able to get the movie “Drop Zone” with Wesley Snipes out of my head for a week after playing this, because of the soundtrack similarities.

Overall – 8/10
Pick the game up. Although the price is iffy, the fun you will have with it is not.

Editors note:  This review is based off a review copy given to us by the PR company for this game.

Gamer of the Month: The October Geometry Challenge


Video Game Scoreboard is pleased to announce the third “Gamer of the Month” challenge – the October Geometry Challenge. Unfortunately, we received no entries for the August Gamer of the Month Challenge, even with the extended deadline, so there is no August/September Gamer of the Month.

The October Geometry Challenge is Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved – 5 minute score challenge on the Xbox 360 or Wii. Please see the rules below for an explanation and the break down.

The Rules:

  1. This month’s competition runs from today, Oct. 6 to Nov. 15, 2013. October winners will be announced in the second half of November, once all scores are verified and places tallied.
  2. Players must submit a recording of their 5 minute record score attempt on Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved via XBLA on the Xbox 360 or via Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved found on the Geometry Wars: Galaxies disc for Wii.
  3. Players may only compete on the Xbox 360 or Wii.  They may ONLY compete on Retro Evolved for this competition. Scores for this game will be added to our variation list under 5 minute challenge and tracked on both Wii and Xbox.  For the purpose of the competition, a combined scoreboard will show the ranks of all players competing together.
  4. Recording rules must be followed.
  5. Timer starts when the play button is hit. Score will be when 5  minute time has finished.
  6. Game ends and score is recorded when 5 minutes is up or when all lives are done, whichever comes first.
  7. Final Score is the score submitted for recording purposes.
  8. Players may submit in any of the ways we accept, however, if you are mailing submissions in, please be sure to have them postmarked no later than Nov. 10, 2013, so we can receive them in time for the Nov. 15 deadline.
  9. The October Geometry Challenge is this: Players get to see how high of a score they can set playing 5 minutes of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved or the max they get on the lives they have if they run out of lives before 5 minutes.


The Gamer of the Month will receive:

  • VGS T-Shirt
  • Interview for Gamer Profile
  • Named Gamer of the Month for that Month
  • Competes at end of year Gamer of the year Tournament

If you would like to stream your attempts, let us know and we will feature them on our forums.

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VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.


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