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Updated Scoreboard: New, Improved, Searchable and More

vgs-article-rotation2-650-updateVideo Game Scoreboard is excited to announce the first iteration of our scoreboards which are not only searchable and sort-able, but also broken into individual scoreboards by platform.

The main scoreboard, which contains all scores verified since the beginning of Video Game Scoreboard can be found here:

This system is much easier to update and will be updated as scores are verified. If you bookmark the page or don’t close out the page on a regular basis, you may want to refresh this page or other scoreboard pages to get the most current scores.

To search the scoreboard, click in the white space below the save options and type in search term. You can search by game name, player’s name or variation. It will auto-filter as you type. If you search in the main website search engine it will not work as the scoreboard databases and the website database are separate entities.

Each scoreboard is sortable by any of the columns seen below. To sort, just click on the column you wish to sort by and it will sort them from there.

To see the most recent scores, click on the far right column twice. The first click sorts it from oldest to newest, second click will make it sort from newest to oldest. You can access the individual scoreboards by clicking on the links below, or by clicking on the links found below each scoreboard.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  We know that the text needs some tweaking color wise and that’s next on our list of improvements within the week.  If we verified a score and it is missing, please let us know and we’ll track it down and get it into the new system.

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Gamer of the Month Contest Extended

rock-band-blitz-august-challengeThe August Gamer of the Month contest has been extended.  As we have received no entries for the contest, we have extended until Sept. 30, 2013.  All entries must be received no later than 11:59 pm. PST Sept. 30.

As things got a bit muddled with PAX and other things going on and because we’re extending the August Blitz, we will be skipping September for the Gamer of the Month.  We will resume a regular schedule in October.  And to tease a little, the next contest will have something to do with Geometry Wars.

We look forward to receiving your submissions for Rock Band Blitz and the August Gamer of the Month Contest.  The rules for the August contest can be found here.

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VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.

Gamer of the Month Challenge: The August Blitz


Video Game Scoreboard is pleased to announce the second “Gamer of the Month” challenge.  Just like in July, the winner will earn a free VGS T-Shirt, gamer profile article on our website, Gamer of the Month status for the month and a chance to compete in the 2013 Gamer of the Year competition.

The August Blitz Challenge is Rock Band Blitz on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation.  Songs will be broken down into sets of three, with a total of five sets.  The songs we have chosen are all songs that come with the game and do not require additional purchase – other than the original game purchase.  Please see the rules below for an explanation and the break down.

The Rules: 

  1. This months’ competition runs from today, Aug. 2 to Sept. 15.  August winners will be announced in the second half of September, once all scores are verified and places tallied.
  2. Players must submit recordings and scores for 3 of the 5 song sets listed below.  Each submission will be given points based upon which place they are at in the competition.  The person with the most points at the end will be named Gamer of the month.  Only the songs listed in the sets are applicable to this contest.  No exceptions.
  3. Each set of songs submitted must follow the general settings defined in the Game Settings area below.  Songs in a set must all be played.  If a song is not played, the entry will be invalid.  Songs CANNOT be substituted in sets.
  4. Players may compete on either an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.  Please be sure to list what system it is done on and be sure to clearly show it as well.  All entries for this contest will be ranked the same, but will be tracked both separately and combined on the scoreboard for cohesive record keeping purposes.
  5. Recording rules must be followed, no matter which platform is submitted.
  6. Players may submit in any of the ways we accept, however, if you are mailing submissions in, please be sure to have them postmarked no later than Sept. 10, 2013, so we can receive them in time for the Sept. 15 deadline.
  7. The August Blitz Challenge is this: Players get to play a minimum of 3 sets of songs – each set contains 3 songs.  The point total for the 3 songs will determine the placing on the challenge for that set.  Players may freely chose the power ups they want to use for each song.  All three songs must be played for any set submitted.  There will be 5 sets of songs selected for this contest.   So, if you chose Set A, Set C, and Set E, you must play all three songs in each Set (sets are defined below).  Failure to submit each song will result in disqualification.  You are not required to submit them in order of the list or together as a set, just as long as they are submitted and defined in the contest is fine.
  8. If you submit fewer than 3 sets, your scores will be entered into the database, but not into the contest.
  9. If you submit more than 3 sets, we will select the sets that rank you the highest in the competition for the contest structure.


The Gamer of the Month will receive:

  • VGS T-Shirt
  • Interview for Gamer Profile
  • Named Gamer of the Month for that Month
  • Competes at end of year Gamer of the year Tournament


Set A:

  • I’m Still Standing – Elton John
  • Death on two Legs – Queen
  • Shout – Tears for Fears

Set B:

  • Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) – Shinedown
  • So Far Away – Avenged Sevenfold
  • Spoonman – Soundgarden

Set C:

  • Raise Your Glass – Pink
  • Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5
  • Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson

Set D:

  • Give it Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • These Days – Foo Fighters
  • One Week – Barenaked Ladies

Set E:

  • The Wicker – Iron Maiden
  • Metal Health (Bang Your Head) – Quiet Riot
  • Once Bitten Twice Shy – Great White

Variation rules: Rock Band Blitz – Single Song High Score with 3 Power Ups of Player’s Choice

  • Must show Rock Band Blitz being selected and started from the Xbox Live Arcade/Plastation menu.
  • Must show track being selected.
  • Video recording device sound MUST be on.
  • Music must be clearly audible to the person verifying the score.
  • In setup, power ups must be shown as being selected and coins being used for purchase. If power ups are already selected, the player must show reelection of power ups before loading the track.
  • Pausing of the game will void the score attempt.
  • Player can switch between instrument tracks to increase score, as is the intent of the game.
  • Player can use powerups as often as they want and whenever they want in the game.
  • After score attempt, please zoom in on the score so it can be seen clearly and state the score verbally.

Forms specific to this contest will be available by end of next week.

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VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.

Go for a World Record at PAX Prime 2013

pax-logoCome to the 2013 PAX Prime show in Seattle, WA on August 30 through September 2, meet the Video Game Scoreboard crew, have fun in the arcade and maybe even go home with a world record.

The Video Game Scoreboard team is co-sponsoring the arcade at this year’s PAX Prime show and will be validating world records on arcade and console games at the event. The arcade is being provided by the Seattle Metro Arcade Collectors group along with folks from the Northwest Pinball & Arcade show and is being sponsored by Video Game Scoreboard along with Portland’s Ground Kontrol arcade.

If there is a specific record you would like to set at the event, please send us a message at and we will do what we can to make your game available.

Keep submitting those scores and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at PAX Prime 2013.

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VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.

Site Updates, New Forums, More


Video Game Scoreboard has been busy updating a number of things on our site this past week and we wanted to bring your attention to a handful of those updates.

We would like to extend our thanks to Dan Phillips who suggested we find a way to streamline and modernize the submission process with the use of online forms.  While we didn’t have these initially  due to our scoreboard being programmed (and still being programmed), we decided to go ahead and use Google Forms to simplify our process.

This brought about a change to our submission process.  Please check the submission process found here to see the changes.

You can also view the new forms by clicking on the links below:

  • Video Game Scoreboard Registration Form  – This form now only has to be filled out once and data from this form will be imported into the scoreboard system once it is finished.
  • General Record Submission Form – this can be used to submit game scores one at a time.  If doing a mass submission, we would prefer the Excel Spreadsheet to be used.
  • Classic Crazy Contest Competition Submission Form – this is a special entry form for this contest.  Each contest will have it’s own submission form to make things easier and allow for a mass submission for our Monthly Challenges that are grouped together.

In addition to the forms being added, we’ve added two forum sections to our forums.  The first is for Game Reviews, where copies of our reviews will be posted for gamers to be able to interact and leave feedback on as well as where gamers can post reviews of games themselves.  The second is a forum called Industry News and Press releases, where posts we make on the website will post to so gamers can leave their thoughts, or other gamers can leave press releases or interesting industry news.

We have added a number of variations on a number of systems as well, including but not limited to:

With those variations being added, scores are constantly being added to the main score list as well as the platform lists.

We also want to remind folks that the Classic Crazy Challenge goes on till Aug. 15, but we will be announcing the August Monthly Challenge on Aug. 1 and that contest will run through Sept. 15.  So keep your eyes open for that.

More updates will be coming soon.  We look forward to seeing your entries and hearing feedback.

About VGSAdmin

VGSAdmin is the generic account that directors and administrators of VGS use to post score news, site news, variation additions and more.


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