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The Neighborhood Arcade Network Update – Star Worlds Arcade

neighborhood-arcade-updateWhen on the east side of town, no need to take the bus when we have Rush! Atari’s San Francisco RUSH 2049 has hit the floor hereat Star Worlds Arcade. I have been a big fan of the RUSH franchise as it has evolved. Strap yourself in and get ready for a bitchin’, radical, futuristic road race! Insert your tokens and create your profile using the on-board numeric keypad. This feature lets the player create and store his or her own profile/stats. The driver can also earn coins that unlock upgrades to your cars and tracks. One has to love the old school modem connect sounds as your logging in <smiles>.

Atari spared no expense with its smooth flowing graphics and thumping audio sound system! The game features very aggressive, progressive, futuristic music tracks, letting the player select the volume level of the music by tapping the music button. The driver has several views to choose when racing on many tracks. Like every San Francisco RUSH in the series, there are hidden Easter eggs as you fly by at warp speeds to earn coins, and shortcuts on the track. The programers did a fantastic job with this one, and I am sure players will keep returning to play.

Atari has come a long way since Pole Position, that is for sure. Atari has always been a major leader when it comes to driving games in the coin-op industry. Grand titles like Championship Sprint, Badlands, Super Sprint, Road Blasters, Stun Runner, Pole Position, Hard Driven’, Race Driven’, and Radical Bikers in the 80’s and 90’s. Back in the 70’s, they had many successful titles like the Sprint series, the Grand Track series, Night Driver, Le Mans, and several others.

rush-2049As a little kid, I remember seeing the black and white driving games at places like Old Chicago in Bolingbrook, IL, as well at the famous Kiddie Land Amusement Park in Melrose Park, IL. In the 80’s, I was lucky to hang out at the penny arcade that was in downtown Wisconsin Dells. The operator of the games often tossed tons of older games in the back of the arcade as long as they were still working. Hardly anyone played those games; they would rather stand in line to get on 1 of 10 Ms. Pac-Man or Donkey Kong machines (LOL). It was nice to be tall enough to finally try out the 70’s drivers.

I purchased my first driving game back in 1985, the year that Star Worlds Arcade opened. It was this beat up Atari Le Mans machine. I did a lot of clean up and some repairs. I got it up and going not really even thinking the game was 9 years old at that point. The craziness started the first night I launched the title to the gamers. Two girls named Bonnie and Jessica came in with driving gloves on and pretty much told every guy in the arcade that when it was all said and done they would win over everyone! They added the rule that two people could drive, one steering, and the other shifting. For weeks, Le Mans was my number one token earning game in the arcade. Their bark and bite were for real too. They held the top score and if beaten would come right in and take it back! Pole Position II would be the next Atari driver I would buy. I think my Mom about wanted to kill me when she saw what I had spent on a used machine. She quickly realized I knew what I was doing when the machine was a top earner.

We eventually had 6 of them between the arcade and my customer route, both upright and sit down cabinets. Star Worlds still has one upright and one sit down in its collection today. Jumping into the Rush seat and taking Blinky for a ride….

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