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Updated Scoreboard: New, Improved, Searchable and More


vgs-article-rotation2-650-updateVideo Game Scoreboard is excited to announce the first iteration of our scoreboards which are not only searchable and sort-able, but also broken into individual scoreboards by platform.

The main scoreboard, which contains all scores verified since the beginning of Video Game Scoreboard can be found here:

This system is much easier to update and will be updated as scores are verified. If you bookmark the page or don’t close out the page on a regular basis, you may want to refresh this page or other scoreboard pages to get the most current scores.

To search the scoreboard, click in the white space below the save options and type in search term. You can search by game name, player’s name or variation. It will auto-filter as you type. If you search in the main website search engine it will not work as the scoreboard databases and the website database are separate entities.

Each scoreboard is sortable by any of the columns seen below. To sort, just click on the column you wish to sort by and it will sort them from there.

To see the most recent scores, click on the far right column twice. The first click sorts it from oldest to newest, second click will make it sort from newest to oldest. You can access the individual scoreboards by clicking on the links below, or by clicking on the links found below each scoreboard.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  We know that the text needs some tweaking color wise and that’s next on our list of improvements within the week.  If we verified a score and it is missing, please let us know and we’ll track it down and get it into the new system.

Another Score from Team Mayh3m

tetris-party-liveIf John Pompa gets someone to team up with them, he may give Team Mayh3m a run for their money on their Tetris Co-Op play – considering his scores on Tetris across multiple platforms.  But until then….

Michelle Ireland and Matt Miller set another two-player co-op score, this time on Tetris Party via Wii Ware with Endless Off.  They completed 150 lines for a score of 216,690.

Way to go!

Want to beat their score?  Check out our rules on our How to Submit page, record your game and submit it to us.

And the November Gamer of the Month Is…

november-gamer-of-the-month-challenge-winnerBefore we announce the November Gamer of the Month, we would like to offer a small apology regarding the fact that this wasn’t posted at the end of December.   There were some recording difficulties for the single submitter to the contest and after some internal discussion, it was decided that if she could replicate the score within 20% of the final score shown on her original submission, the original submission would be deemed valid.

That being said, congratulations to Katie Cho who achieved a score of 770,400 by playing Dr. Mario on the hardest setting with one life on the Nintendo 64.

As Video Game Scoreboard’s Gamer of the Month, Katie receives:

  • VGS T-Shirt
  • Interview for Gamer Profile
  • Named Gamer of the Month for that Month
  • Competes at end of year Gamer of the year Tournament (postponed till end of 2014).

Interested in being a gamer of the month?  The February Winter Challenge ends March 15 and the March Giga Challenge ends April 15, so there is still time to participate.  Best of luck!

Team Mayh3m Duo Strikes Again

tetrs-party-deluxeThis time it’s not Mario Bros. but another iconic based game.  This time around they played a Two-Player Co-Op on  Tetris Party Deluxe for the Wii and achieved a score of 215,114.

Way to go Michelle Ireland and Matt Miller.

Want to beat their score?  Check out our rules on our How to Submit page, record your game and submit it to us.

Team Mayhem Ups Their Mario Bros. No POW score.

mario_bros_originalMichelle Ireland and Matt Miller, a.k.a. Team Mayhem, raised their current score on the Wii via the Nintendo Entertainment System Virtual Console game Mario Bros with the No POW variation.  The game was played on 2-player co-op Option A.  For this variation, they were not allowed to use the POW block to achieve points.  This game rolls over at 1 million, so each time it rolls over, the count is tallied up.

Michelle and Matt’s original score was 2,151,940.  They raised their score to 2,295,570.

Way to go guys!

I got to watch more than half of this score being set live on their stream.  If you ever have a chance to catch them streaming play, I encourage you to watch.

Want to beat their score?  Check out our rules on our How to Submit page, record your game and submit it to us.


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